Thinking Outside The (Medicine) Box

Thinking Outside The (Medicine) Box

Where do you run to for physical health and healing? Discover why people around the world spell relief: B-I-B-L-E.
When Rhonda and I started Hallelujah Acres in that little 11-foot-wide store front on February 12, 1992, our message “You Don’t Have to Be Sick” was mocked and ridiculed by most in the Christian community. It is exciting today to know that our efforts for nearly 20 years are now bringing health and healing as evidenced by these testimonies:
“Dear George: Thank you for allowing God to use you. I love the way you say things that others are afraid to say in your Health Tips – Such as “How Prayer Can Hinder the Healing of God’s People” and “How Churches Promote ill Health”. I love how you think outside of the box of conventional medicine. Thank you for allowing God to use you in this way. God bless you in your (His) ministry.” Linda C., Missouri
“I just want to tell anybody who doubts the Hallelujah Acres message of "You Don’t Have to be Sick” that you need doubt it no more. My husband and I began to get serious about our health by adopting The Hallelujah Diet in April 2011 and as a result my husband is no longer diabetic. In six months his blood sugar has dropped from over 300 to under 120 and he no longer has to take any medicine to control his blood/sugar levels. His doctor is even impressed. Rev. Malkmus, we thank you for your inspired teachings. You are doing such a wonderful work.” Crystal T.
“Hi Rhonda and George, First let me say I was completely blessed by the Women’s Retreat two weeks ago. Such powerful speakers, I learned so much and hope to attend the next one in 2012. We are preparing to go to Haiti for our next missionary trip. Yesterday as we were packing up to go I tripped over a cement rise and flew forward grabbing a table to break the fall. The problem was that the table was not secured to the ground and I continued my flight hitting the cement patio bouncing twice on my right hip and landing flat on my back which is fused on one side and I have severe scoliosis. My praise report is that though most people, especially women who fall in my age category (77) always break a hip – but I am here to say that there are no broken bones thanks to God’s Hallelujah Diet. I got up this morning a little sore, and proceeded to sing praises to our Lord in the praise and worship team at church. God is so goooooodddd!” Missionary and Hallelujah Acres Health Minister Carla C., Florida
“Five years ago I was diagnosed with lupus and was very sick. I really thought that my life was going to go downhill from that point on as I did a lot of research on the disease and for everyone with this disease it seems to just snowball and get worse and worse until they finally die of some kind of complication. Also I learned that lupus patients are very highly medicated. I decided that instead of going the medical route I would try The Hallelujah Diet of juicing carrots and eating an 85% raw 15% plant based diet. I was only three days into the diet when I began to gain energy I hadn’t had in years. I continued to get better and better – and really, in three months into it, was pretty much healed of the disease. I had no idea that a person could feel so good. I felt and still do feel better than I can ever remember feeling even as a teenager. I am now 48 years old. I also lost 25 pounds which was a nice plus. I completely, 100%, recommend this diet to everyone – especially if you are sick. Yes, it is a lifestyle change but if you really love life and want to live it to its fullest, you need to give it a try.” Maria A., Nebraska
“The Hallelujah Diet is not an easy diet to follow, but the benefits are remarkable. You feel better than you have ever felt and the foods you eat are satisfying. I don’t get hungry or want to binge anymore and I am off sugar, meat, refined flour, dairy etc. Not only do I feel better, but I have peace of mind. I will shortly be getting off of my cholesterol medicine. My goal is to get of my diabetes medicine and blood pressure medicine. I am under a doctor’s care, but I found out the both my doctor and his wife are on the diet as well.” Joyce P.

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