Discover the benefits of DHA and why purity matters.

The Purity, Efficacy and Availability of Omega-3 DHA

Discover the benefits of omega-3 DHA and check out the latest Hallelujah Diet product Professional Strength DHA.
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Are you, like many others, constantly reading about the importance and benefits of omega-3 fish oil? Perhaps you have even begun incorporating this fatty acid into your diet to reap some of the health benefits. But are you consuming the triglyceride form? Are you conscientious of ultra purity and ultra concentrations? In this month's webinar, guest Carla Higgins RD, LDN provided the facts so that you can be knowledgeable in your fish oil decisions.

In case you missed last week's webinar, we've compiled the key facts on omega-3 DHA:

As the follower of a primarily raw, plant-based diet, you are accustomed to getting the most natural and wholesome forms of fruits and vegetables. The supplements you select should be no different. As Higgins explained, it's important to know where the omega-3 rich fish oils you are consuming are coming from. The cold waters of the South Pacific and the shores of Chile and Peru are ideal for selection because there is no pollution and the fish here have very low levels of contaminants. Select producers of DHA that comply with the Marine Stewardship Council standards. This ensures that practices are sustainable, regulated and that there is little to no impact on the environment.

Because of their short life cycle, small blue fish are less likely to absorb as many toxins and contaminants as their larger counterparts do throughout their lifetime. The following blue fish are most often selected:

  • Sardines.
  • Menhaden.
  • Anchovies.

The new Hallelujah Diet Professional Strength DHA is produced by the preferred supercritical extraction method, using CO2. This process protects the fragile oil from high temperatures and oxidation by oxygen. This method ensures no solvents or chemicals are introduced to the oil. Not only does this product comply with the International Fish Oil Standards for oxidation, heavy metals and organic contaminants, it surpasses them.

Fish oil info
Small blue fish have shorter life cycles, making them less likely to consume heavy metals, toxins and pesticides.

Both EPA and DHA are found in fish oil and each are beneficial to the body for a number of a reasons. While EPA can be efficiently formed from flax seed oil, chia seed oil and other plant-based omega-3 fats, DHA requires it be preformed, according to our Hallelujah Diet health experts. Very little DHA is made by the body and though you can continue to buy and consume forms of EPA, replacing those supplements with one simple capsule that delivers 900 mg of DHA is the more viable option.

As Higgins explained, research has shown that 3 grams of DHA every day for 10 weeks resulted in a stronger support of healthy lipid levels than EPA alone. Moreover, DHA supplementation led to an increase in the hormone that regulates fat metabolism, while simultaneously leading to a reduction in II-18 and adiponectin. In another study, in comparison to EPA, DHA resulted in a "desirable" ratio of blood lipid markers.

However, research has also shown a discrepancy in genders: Males taking DHA specifically, have shown much greater improvements in LDL cholesterol levels when compared to females. Further research is underway to determine why results differ in women.

Availability and Efficacy
Those following the Genesis 1:29 diet and lifestyle who don't eat fish will not get DHA from diet alone and as such, should consider supplementation. One of the biggest benefits of fish oil omega-3 DHA is its support to cardiovascular health. DHA is also beneficial for mental health as it has been shown to boost or stabilize mood. Similarly, it's been shown to improve cognitive functioning, joint health and eye health. It can also aid in supporting a normal non-inflammatory state by maintaining biomarkers of chronic inflammation already in their normal range.

To learn more about Mercury and maternal gestation as they relate to omega-3 intake, check out the recorded webinar in its entirety here.

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Marilyn walton

Marilyn walton

I have been using Carlsons fish oil and taking a tbs every day. Since I’ve been doing this my vitamin D level has increased finally. My vitamin D capsules did not give me the boost I needed but am so thankful the fish oil has.

I have been using Carlsons fish oil and taking a tbs every day. Since I’ve been doing this my vitamin D level has increased finally. My vitamin D capsules did not give me the boost I needed but am so thankful the fish oil has.

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