Flaxseed can benefit your overall well-being in a number of ways. But did you know it can influence a reduced chance of breast cancer?

The Power of Flaxseed: Can it Reduce Your Risk for Breast Cancer?

This micronutrient flaxseed is more beneficial than you think.

By incorporating flaxseed into your diet, you can expect a number of health benefits. Flaxseeds can improve digestion, lower cholesterol, reduce sugar cravings, promote weight loss and even balance hormones. But that's not all – increasing your intake of flaxseed can also encourage a lowered risk for breast cancer.

The Power of Flaxseed
The reason behind this, according to our researcher Michael Donaldson, Ph.D., is due to the high concentration of lignans found in flaxseed. These compounds are metabolized in the digestive tract to enterodiol and enterolactone, which produce a weakened source of estrogen. When an estrogen-like substance replaces the body's strong natural estrogen, it works as an anti-estrogen. This can reduce the chance of developing breast cancer as it often relies on the hormone for growth.

Start incorporating ground flaxseed into your freshly extracted vegetable juice.Start incorporating ground flaxseed into your freshly extracted vegetable juice.

Dr. Donaldson analyzed multiple studies during his research, such as one by the University of Toronto. The study looked at the influence flaxseed had on human breast cancer in mice. They were injected with human breast cancer cells and fed a basal diet. At Week 8, the mice were split into two diet groups: one that continued the basal diet and another that consumed 10 percent flaxseed. At Week 15, the researchers found that mice on the flaxseed diet saw a significant decline in tumor growth rate and 45 percent reduction in total incidence of metastasis.

How Can I Consume Flaxseed?
Adding flaxseed to your diet is simple. Just be conscious of how you're consuming it. In Ann's book, "Unravel the Mystery," she recommended choosing ground flaxseed over flaxseed oil due to higher lignan count. The easiest way to ensure you're getting the fiber and lignans from the micronutrient is by adding it your fruit and vegetable smoothies or blended salads.

Or, you can grind it up and add it to your BarleyMax throughout the day. This is a beneficial option that optimizes your body's absorption of rich nutrients while feeding it the fuel it needs for a reduced risk of breast cancer.

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