The Nurse Who's Seen It All

The Nurse Who's Seen It All

Lisa has been a nurse for 36 years and is now battling breast cancer. Read what she has to say about The Hallelujah Diet!
Many responded to last week's Health Tip in which I shared some of the difficulties I faced in taking God’s health message to the world. Below I share a few of those responses along with several wonderful testimonies including one from a nurse who has seen the dark side of cancer both in her work life and personal life:
“I adopted The Hallelujah Diet six months ago after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I adopted the diet because I did not want to follow traditional treatments. As a result of making this lifestyle change, my tumor is getting smaller, and as a side benefit have lost 45 pounds, a couple of other health issues have been completely resolved and I have been able to stop ALL medications. I feel GREAT! The Hallelujah Diet is the real deal! I should know because I have been a nurse for 36 years and for the past 10 years worked with cancer patients medically, so I know all about cancer treatments and I know what works and what does not work. If you have health issues, or just want to get healthy, please check out Rev. Malkmus’ seminars being held in Tampa and Jacksonville Florida during the month of February.” Lisa M.
“Dear Rev. George, I want to thank you for your very inspiring Health Tips. I have read two of your books – ‘The Hallelujah Diet’ and ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’. I was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia in 2010, and adopted The Hallelujah Diet. I feel great and healthy but the doctors say I am not yet in complete remission. I live in Africa and have access here to most of the Hallelujah Acres products for which I am thankful.” Anonymous, Africa
“Just got home from the doctors. Everything is awesome as always – all my blood work is PERFECT. On The Hallelujah Diet my blood pressure is excellent; weight improving dramatically; bone density that of a 22-year-old. Follow up in six months. Now heading to the kitchen for a nice glass of carrot juice and starting supper. I’m having vegan split pea soup this evening – yummy!” Carla B.
“Dear George, Thank you so much for sharing your early years story. I have tried to share The Hallelujah Diet with others and became discouraged because no one wanted to share the journey. Feeling so alone I returned to lots of cooked foods for a few months and lost almost all the improvements I had attained when on The Hallelujah Diet. Because of your Health Tip I am returning to The Hallelujah Diet because of your perseverance and the fact that God brought your seed to fruition, as He will do mine, in His time.” Ginny L.
“Thank you so much for sharing your story. I had no idea you went through such difficult times. Yet through it all you kept your focus on what God had led you to do and it was well worth the wait. Being so open with your own struggles gives others hope while going through their challenges. Thank you for being such a blessing.” Sandie C.
“Rev. Malkmus, I’m so glad you stayed with your health message and didn’t grow weary. God has truly blessed you after such a long, hard journey. I started The Hallelujah Diet over four years ago and have seen some good results. Three years ago I became a Health Minister and have been working with a cancer support group sharing alternative means of dealing with cancer. We share The Hallelujah Diet and a number are following it. Keep up the good work. I am just a year younger than you. God bless you and all at Hallelujah Acres.” Grace L.
“Dear Brother Malkmus, I purchased two of Rhonda’s recipe books at the North Carolina Fair two years ago. I told one of my nieces about Hallelujah Acres and she attended one of your seminars. Following the seminar she adopted The Hallelujah Diet and within a couple of months was well and able to go back to work after being out of work for over a year on disability. The Hallelujah Diet saved her life! I just read your Health Tip and wanted to share that as a child I met Lester Roloff. He came to my parent’s home in the Caribbean with Brother Bob Mayer who had led my parents to the Lord. I just wanted to share the memory as Brother Roloff had left an impact on me and my family with his vegan way of eating. Hope that I can someday attend one of your seminars. May God keep blessing you and your ministry!” Maria V.

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