The Most Damaging Kind of Aging

The Most Damaging Kind of Aging

We all know that stressful situations can be draining, both emotionally and physically. But do we consider how each moment of stress can affect our longevity? Just as each cigarette contributes to a smoker’s risk of lung cancer, episodes of stress have a snowball effect that can literally shorten your lifespan—if you let them. Researchers at Purdue University concluded a study of 1,663 older men, revealing that their “level and slope of neuroticism (excessive worry) interacted in their effect on mortality.” Essentially, the longer they continued to worry about things, the shorter their lives became. When we worry, we spark a chemical reaction in the body, creating excess free radical activity within our cells. The same thing results when we eat poorly; in fact, part of the reason that we worry may have to do with what we eat. Certain foods are worry triggers—especially acidic foods like animal protein, processed foods, caffeine and sugar. When the body is too acidic, it cannot effectively eliminate toxins, causing bodily stress and weakness, which can allow anxiety to take hold. Conversely, an alkaline diet of plant-based foods like The Hallelujah Diet helps build and restore cellular health while promoting toxin removal, and thus, emotional stability. Adequate water intake is also key. Like every other part of our being, our emotions are controlled by our brain. Since 85% of our brain is composed of water, it only makes sense that good hydration is the lubricant for good overall health. Exercise is also a good stress reliever, which (go figure) is good for you even if you're not stressed. Hmmm... seems like the more good you do for your body in terms of diet and exercise, the less stress you'll have, and longer life you'll enjoy. Funny how that happens, isn't it? The moral of the story? Don't worry... be happy. :) What stresses you out? Comment below!

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