The Incredible Benefits Of Blended Food

The Incredible Benefits Of Blended Food

What's better than raw foods? Raw, blended foods! Rev. Malkmus shares why blended foods are so much better for you and better tasting, too!
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“I just want to say that since I have finally purchased a Vitamix Turboblend VS (which I purchased from Hallelujah Acres) and stopped messing around with a less expensive alternative, I have been ecstatic about food preparation!
I previously tried green smoothies, blended salads, Hallelujah Acres butter, and salad dressings with my previous brand ‘X’. Recipes made in my brand ‘X’ blender were grainy and lacking in flavor. However, all recipes made in my new Vitamix are not only smooth and creamy, but the flavors are amazing! From now on, I am not cutting corners on a cheaper machine any more – it’s not worth it. I now love blended salads and green smoothies and all the other recipes requiring blending because they are absolutely scrumptious.” Debbie S., California When a person eats a chopped salad, the only nutrients available to the body are those that are released when the teeth rupture the cell membrane of the salad ingredient. If the teeth do not rupture the cell membrane, the nutrients just pass on through the digestive tract and out of the body. Sadly, most people do not chew their food well, which means that a huge percentage of the nutrients are never released. This loss can be remedied in a very simple way with a blender. A blender very quickly performs a task that is almost impossible to accomplish with the teeth – complete mastication and thus complete release of nutrients. Dr. Russell Blaylock tells us that when raw plant foods are blended, the nutrient release can increase by as much as 700%. The blender not only increases the nutrients released, but also the flavors released as you read in that letter from Debbie at the beginning of this article. Debbie also shared how much she is enjoying her Vitamix blender. Rhonda and I have had a Vitamix blender for at least 18 years – and it is still running and used at least twice daily – for our morning green smoothie and then again for our evening blended salad. Several years ago we bought a new Vitamix, thinking our original one would soon expire, but it is still faithfully running. We especially like the Vitamix because it has four blades instead of the normal two of most blenders, which means a more rapid and complete mastication of the food. Also, the Vitamix comes with a plunger to push foods into the blades. When there is very little moisture, it is almost impossible to get the foods into the blades without a plunger. After a juicer, which we believe to be the most important appliance in a vegan kitchen, both Rhonda and I recommend the Vitamix blender. If you have been preparing your food with an inexpensive, low-powered blender, you will be absolutely amazed the difference a high powered blender, like the Vitamix can make in speed of food preparation, complete mastication of your food, and especially the flavor of those foods.

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