The Hallelujah Diet On A Harley

The Hallelujah Diet On A Harley

People often ask how to do The Hallelujah Diet when you're on the road. Debbie from California explains how, even if you're on a motorcycle!
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Each week, we share letters that are sent to Rev. Malkmus from folks around the world, telling of their experience on The Hallelujah Diet or their thoughts on the Hallelujah Acres ministry. Here are this week's selections. Send us your testimony here!
“Hallelujah! I recently had my annual blood test evaluation after being on The Hallelujah Diet the last five months. Because I had made the diet and lifestyle changes I had great expectations of improved blood work results and I was not disappointed. The differences from last year’s testing were phenomenal! Total cholesterol went from 312 to 256 (down 56 points); Triglycerides went from 239 to 83 (down 149 points); LDL (Bad Cholesterol) went from 195 to 156 (drop of 30 points); and my HDL (Good Cholesterol) went from 69 to 74 (increase of 5 points). I am ecstatic! Of course I will stay on The Hallelujah Diet. In fact, it is not a diet for me – rather it is a lifestyle and will be for the rest of my life! Thank you George! Also I wanted to tell you how easy it was to follow The Hallelujah Diet while on a 9-day Harley motorcycle ride with a group of riders. Since my husband and I are both on one bike and on The Hallelujah Diet, by the time we pack for 9 days on the road there isn’t room for carrying much. Therefore, I chose to take Hallelujah Acres TrioMax which substituted for our daily fresh juice at home. Many Hallelujah Acres Survival Bars were also packed. When you are with a group of riders, you can never be sure how often and where you might stop for breaks. But I always had my TrioMax handy along with a shaker cup, so I was able to mix it any time we stopped. The Survival Bars were also very handy and delicious as well. Restaurants were an adventure and thanks to what I have learned from Hallelujah Acres regarding how to order healthy foods in a restaurant, I actually had fun ordering our meals. I was able to look over the menu and pick and choose items that were available. Sometimes if I could see the server had a good sense of humor I would ask for an item like a veggie omelet without eggs or cheese. At one restaurant I noticed on the regular menu they offered a spinach salad, so I mentioned to the server that I would really love the salad bar, but was wondering if I could get spinach rather than the iceberg lettuce. Without a blink she said ‘absolutely’, and brought me a huge plate of spinach. What a delight! As I ate my healthy selections, other riders were watching me. Eventually one of the men made the comment that he had been noticing how I was ordering special items not on the menu, and how happy the servers were to be happy to accommodate me, and how delicious my food looked when I received it. Several times someone would say ‘you’re on vacation, you can cheat a little.’ Then I would explain to them that it isn’t like being on a diet to lose weight and you don’t mind cheating a little here and there. I told them that once you learn that something is toxic and harmful to your body you just don’t even want to go there. Although I was unable to eat all organic while on the trip, I was able to eat well and make wise choices. On another note, I have just completed Health Minister Training Online. I am so excited! While on the motorcycle trip I was able to talk to people about my becoming a Health Minister and made some great contacts. I was asked to come back to several places and hold a seminar. That’s when I began thinking about the endless possibilities as a Certified Health Minister with Hallelujah Acres. As a Certified Health Minister I will not only be able to share with people how they can live their lives and never have to be sick again, but that I can also share with them that they can have eternal life with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. How amazing! Thank you so much for making all this possible.” Debbie S., California
“Dear Rev. Malkmus, I live on a very little island in the Indian Ocean known as Mauritus. There is very little nutritional awareness here and I am working to change that by making the people here aware of The Hallelujah Diet and of its amazing ability to restore one's health. Since I adopted The Hallelujah Diet my health has become excellent. I would like to say a big thank you for what you have done in encouraging me to improve my health.” Sangeeta, Mauritus
“Dear Rev. George, My husband is a medical doctor and has needed to have the same kind of hernia repair surgery you have just recently and successfully had and recovered from. My husband had been quite worried about having that same surgery until he read of your hernia surgery and successful healing results. Doctors, believe it or not, make some of the worst patients when it comes to them being treated with their own medicines or surgeries. We are so grateful to you for sharing your experience with the world and by sharing your experience with the world you encouraged my husband to do the right thing for his health. Thank you!” Nan

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