The Hallelujah Diet Is Not... A Diet

The Hallelujah Diet Is Not... A Diet

The Hallelujah Diet is not a diet, but rather a lifestyle! A “diet” is something a person does for a given period of time, until they achieve a desired result, usually weight loss. Unfortunately, after most “dieters” have achieved that desired result, they revert to their previous eating habits. Sadly, I see too many people who adopt the Hallelujah Diet, achieve the desired health benefits they were seeking, and then return to their old eating habits that had originally caused their physical problems. And what happens when they return to their old eating habits? The old physical problems come back, and often with greater intensity than before they made the diet change. In last week’s Health Tip we shared that, in order to achieve the ultimate health God designed for our physical bodies, we must not only add healthy foods and supplements, along with daily exercise, but we must stop consuming the things that caused those physical problems in the first place. TheHallelujah Diet does both! First, and in most instances, it removes almost all physical and even psychological problems, along with the excess weight. But because it is a “lifestyle” choice rather than just a “diet” people who continue to follow the Hallelujah Diet go on to maintain those achievements for the rest of their lives.


Before I share what a typical day is like when you’re living the Hallelujah lifestyle, I want to clear up some other misconceptions: Misconception #1 – The Hallelujah Diet Heals People No diet has the power of healing anyone of anything, because only the body has the power to heal. What the diet can and does do, if it is the proper diet like the Hallelujah Diet, is provide the body with the building materials it so desperately needs in order to rebuild the immune system, the self healing mechanism God placed into each of our bodies. As the immune system is rebuilt, the body has the resources and the ability to do what it was designed by God to do – seek out the broken down areas of the body and heal those broken down areas. Nothing else can truly "heal" anyone of anything — not a doctor, nor drug, nor herb, nor supplement, not a radiation treatment or surgical procedure. Think about it... When a person breaks a bone, the doctor can realign the bones, but it is only the body that has the ability of knitting those bones back together so they can heal in proper alignment. When a person cuts themselves, it is not the bandage or stitches that heal the break in the skin, but it is the body that knits the skin back together and makes itself whole again. It is always and only the body that does the healing! This is true of all healing that takes place anywhere within the body. How true is that verse in the Bible which states:
“I will praise thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.” ~ Psalm 139:14
And how true are the words of that poem by Alfred Joyce Killmer which concludes with the words:
Poems are made by fools like me, But only God can make a tree.
Yes my friend, it is God who made the tree, and it is God who “formed man from the dust of the ground, breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and made man a living soul.” (Genesis 2:7) And it is God who placed within each of our bodies the ability to literally heal itself when provided the building materials needed to perform that task. Misconception #2 – The Hallelujah Diet is Complex and Expensive Many people are under the impression that the Hallelujah Diet is an expensive diet, difficult to prepare, and difficult to follow. This simply is not true! The Hallelujah Diet is not only simple and easy while providing incredible healing and healthy results, but it can:
  • Take less time to prepare than most diets
  • Costs less than most diets
  • Requiring much less clean up time than most diets
  • Is extremely tasty and satisfying
Who could ask for anything more! Imagine:
  • No more greasy pots and pans to clean
  • No more hot kitchens in which meals are prepared
  • No more spattered grease to clean from the oven and stove top
  • No more smoky residue on kitchen walls
Preparation time measured in minutes rather than hours. And the benefit of preparing Hallelujah Diet foods goes on and on. Misconception #3 – The Hallelujah Diet is Difficult to Follow This simply is not true! There is only one Hallelujah Diet, but depending on the body's physical condition, some people require stricter levels of commitment than others, in order to achieve the best results. Let’s talk for a moment about the difference between the “Maintenance” and “Recovery” Hallelujah Diets:
  • The Maintenance Diet is not difficult to do or follow and is less strict than the Recovery Diet. The Maintenance Diet is for those who have no serious physical problems and just want to maintain their good health by supplying the body with the nutrients it needs to maintain a strong immune system so that serious physical problems do not develop. The Maintenance Diet will also equip the body to clear up minor physical problems.
  • The RECOVERY Diet is more strict, and is primarily for those who are dealing with cancer or other potentially life-threatening problems. Because the problem can result in death, it is imperative the body be provided as quickly as possible with the nutrients it needs in order to rapidly rebuild the immune system so that healing can take place.
Misconception # 4 – Exercise is Not Important The importance of exercise cannot be over-emphasized. In days gone by, a person would go to the hospital, be placed in a bed, and remain in bed for extended periods of time. Not so in hospitals today! Health care providers now realize that without exercise, muscles atrophy, circulation slows, and the whole body starts breaking down. Whether a person is on the maintenance or recovery diet, daily bodily movement plays an important and major role in restoring a body to a healthy state and then maintaining that healthy state. With a few of the most common misconceptions out of the way, in next week’s Health Tip we will give you a glimpse at what a typical day on the Hallelujah Diet looks like. Next week, the good Lord willing and if the creeks don’t rise too high we will return with another exciting issue of the Hallelujah Health Tip. Trust you will join us and that you will share these Health Tips with friends and loved ones.

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