"The Hallelujah Diet is for smart people!"

"The Hallelujah Diet is for smart people!"

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Does adopting the Hallelujah Diet make a difference in a person’s health? Just read these amazing testimonies — you be the judge!
“This diet changed my life! I spent years being sick with hospital bills through the roof – all before the age of 25. For the past six months I have stayed on this diet, which was hard at first, and now that I am feeling better than ever and have been given a clean bill of health, I cannot imagine eating the way I used to eat. No longer do I have to worry about diseases in meat because I no longer eat meat, and I no longer have need to search endlessly for the perfect skin cream, because my skin is amazing! Try this diet if you want to live a vibrant and healthy life in spite of the world’s view on the pleasures of food and all the other things they try to entice us to eat so we can celebrate with cancer causing sugary and chemical laden foods. I believe the Hallelujah Diet is for smart people; so if you’re feeling like a genius and have been making great decisions in your life lately, there is just one more great decision to make. Get on the Hallelujah Diet.” ~ M. E. M., Massachusetts
“Blessings on your 80th birthday! And thank you so very much for writing and publishing your weekly Health Tips for so many years! This letter is coming to you from a cancer survivor, an arthritis survivor, and also a stroke survivor, all because of the Hallelujah Diet. I have trouble believing it, but I know it is true! I was sitting in the audience at Hallelujah Acres in Shelby when you were experiencing stroke symptoms in 2001 and here you are 13-years later celebrating your 80th birthday in good health all because of the Hallelujah Diet. God is so good! You and Rhonda are so very special to me. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how very much I appreciate your teaching me how to have good health at age 76! I don’t know anyone my age with my energy and mental clarity, all due to Hallelujah Acres and your teachings. When I first found you back in Kingsport, Tennessee many years ago I wasn’t eating too badly – no fried foods, etc. – but lots of cooked foods. Well I am here to testify that your 85% raw, 15% cooked Hallelujah Diet guideline sure does work. Rhonda’s recipe books are also so helpful and beautiful. Anyway, just wanted you to know I thank God for you continually and wish you both many more happy years of health and I know our God will continue to pour out His richest blessings upon you.” ~ Elizabeth M., Tennessee
“Hi George, Have a wonderful 80th birthday on the 12th of February and also congratulations to Hallelujah Acres on their 22nd birthday on the same date! Also, thanks so much for your fantastic weekly Health Tips. I will most certainly be continuing to follow your advice.” ~ Carol D., Adelaide, South Africa
“If I had one birthday wish come true, I’d choose cloning you George and placing you in the seats of power in Congress, the Senate, each state, the FDA, and the U.S.D.A. Then I’d sit back and enjoy the spectacular fireworks! Happy Birthday, Rev. Malkmus!” ~ Candy R., Florida

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