The Great Grain Robbery

The Great Grain Robbery

How We Contribute To Our Own Physical Problems (Part 7) For the past six Health Tips (#648 through #653) we have been talking about how we contribute to our own physical problems. In Health Tip #648 we talked about the FAT contained in animal sourced foods that clog the arteries, and contribute to high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. In Health Tip #649 and #650 we discussed how the ACID in animal sourced foods cause a myriad of problems, including acid stomach, heartburn, osteoporosis, and more, and how if the blood becomes even slightly acidic, we die. In Health Tip #651 we talked about PROTEIN and how the excessive amounts of protein found in animal source foods harm the body, and contribute to numerous physical problems. In Health Tip #652 and #653 we talked about SUGAR the second greatest cause of both the physical as well as the mental problems being experienced today. In this Health Tip we are going to begin talking about grains. THE DIET ADAM AND EVE ATE CONTAINED NO GRAINS This may come as a shock to many of our readers, but it is very doubtful Adam and Eve ever consumed grains of any kind while in the Garden of Eden. For sure they never consumed refined or cooked grains. And what is the basis for my making such a statement? Well first, grains are, as Webster’s Dictionary defines them, “a small, hard seed, esp. the seed of a food plant such as wheat, rye, oats, rice, or millet.” And though these grains were present in the Garden, it would be extremely difficult to grow enough and harvest enough to make a meal of them. Secondly, because there was no fire in the Garden with which to cook the grains, how could they have been prepared for eating?Certainly there was no Tappan Gas range, GE Electric stove, or microwave oven in the Garden with which to cook them! Interestingly, the very first time the word “fire” is found in the Bible occurs in Genesis 19:24, when “The Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and FIRE. . . . .” Although we do know that fire was available to Noah immediately after the flood, because in Genesis 8:20 he offered a “burnt offering” to the Lord. This was some 1,700 years after Adam and Eve had left the Garden. In the Garden of Eden, some raw grains could have been soaked for several days in order to soften their hard shell, and sprout them and make them edible, but that is extremely unlikely. We do not know if they even had a container to soak them in. So with that as a little Biblicalbackground, let’s talk about the use of grains today as well as the use of grains on The Hallelujah Acres Diet: WHOLE GRAINS ARE ALLOWED ON THE HALLELUJAH ACRES DIET Before we talk about REFINED grains, I want our readers to understand that some WHOLE grains, in limited quantities, are allowed and a part of The Hallelujah Acres Diet. Whole grains are complex carbohydrates, which help us reach our caloric needs, and thus help to assure we receive sufficient protein from our diet. However, even whole grains convert to sugar fairly rapidly, and thus it is not desirable to consume large amounts of even whole grains too frequently. Also, it is important to realize that wheat, in its whole and unrefined form, as well as in its refined form is acidic and possibly the least desirable of all the grains. If wheat is to be consumed, raw and sprouted is the most desirable form in which to consume this grain. Sadly, very few whole grain products are available, and thus very few whole grains are consumed in today’s society. Today, virtually all the breads, cereals, pastas, rice, corn, grits, etc. are made with processed and refined grains. Americans, as well as much of the world today, have a love affair with soft, white pastries; breads made with bleached white flour, and for cereals that have often been divested of nutrition and fiber, and then dipped in sugar. Because most grains being consumed today are in this refined form, this article will be primarily limited to this more popular and fragmented form. Before we turn to the subject of refined grains, which we will do in next week’s Health Tip (Lord willing), there is one more thing we need to understand about not only whole and refined grains, but about most everything people eat today. WHOLE GRAINS, WHEN COOKED, ARE A DEAD FOOD All grains have their beginning in the living seed of a living plant! This seed, before processing or cooking, contains life in the form of enzymes. In fact, each seed contains within it the very source of life for a brand new plant. But by the time it reaches the cooked or refined stage, it is robbed of all enzymatic activity (life has been destroyed), and it has been reduced to a very dead food, devoid of all enzymatic activity. Our physical bodies are living organisms, comprised of living cells, and were designed by God to be nourished with living (raw) foods high in enzymatic activity (life). This fundamental and basic knowledge is key to understanding what is and what is not proper nourishment for the human physical body, as well as to the proper nourishment of all species of animal life. Every animal in the wild, whether vegetarian or carnivorous, by instinct, consumes all of its food in its natural, raw, and living form! Only man, thinking himself to be so wise and smarter than the animals in the wild, could display such ignorance as to destroy the life found within living plant foods before placing them into his mouth. Truly, animals in the wild are far wiser by instinct than we humans with all our supposed knowledge and wisdom. The Bible tells us “The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.” Friends, the Genesis 1:29 diet, which God the Creator gave Adam and Eve was comprised of 100% raw, living (enzyme rich) plant foods! Life begets life! Dead food cannot properly nourish a living organism (human physical body or even an animal's body in the wild). When a predominantly dead food diet is consumed, physical breakdown is the penalty for that violation. Many pet owners wonder why their dogs or cats develop many of the same physical problems humans experience. Dogs and cats were created by God to be nourished with raw foods, enzymatically alive foods, just like we humans. The pet foods available in box or can today have had the enzymes destroyed in the processing. These dead foods cause physical breakdown in the animals just as processed foods do in humans. SCIENCE EXPERIMENT The following experiment shows how garden foods are alive and cooking turns them into dead foods. This is an excellent project for children who are being home-schooled. Go to the health food store and buy a pound of raw, organic, whole wheat berries (seeds). At home, take half of the wheat berries and simmer them in boiling water for 10 minutes. Then drain, cool, rinse, and place them in a small mason jar with an old piece of nylon stocking over the opening, fastened in place with a rubber band. Place the jar with opening at bottom so draining can continue. In a second mason jar, place the remaining wheat berries with an old piece of nylon stocking over the opening, fastened in place with a rubber band as above. Soak the seeds overnight in room temperature water. In the morning, drain the water off the seeds. Rinse, and place jar with opening at bottom so draining can continue. Each morning and evening, rinse the seeds in both jars with room temperature water. Drain completely and place jar with opening at bottom so draining can continue. After a few days you will find that the jar containing the uncooked grain will start to sprout roots. The jar containing the cooked grain will start to rot, mold, and smell very bad. Right there before your very eyes, you will visually see the difference between dead food and living food. Now, think about this – If even a whole organic grain becomes a dead food through the simple act of placing it in boiling water for a few minutes, how much living (raw with enzymes still intact) food are you really placing into your body on a daily basis to nourish your living cells. The average diet today is predominantly (if not almost entirely) comprised of dead foods (devoid of enzymes). Anything purchased in a container of any kind has had its enzymes destroyed by heat in the processing so that it can have shelf life. Do we wonder why we suffer from so many physical breakdowns while animals in the wild who eat their food raw rarely ever get sick? The Bible tells us that what we sow we will reap!
“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man SOWETH, that shall he also reap.” (Galatians 6:7)
WHY DOES THE HALLELUJAH DIET ALLOW SOME COOKED GRAINS? The Hallelujah Acres Diet allows 15% of the foods consumed each day to be in the cooked form, including grains.For instance, we allow baked sweet potatoes, cooked whole grains and even whole grain pastas, steamed vegetables, baked squash, and cooked beans. This may sound like a contradiction after all we have said regarding cooked foods, but there are reasons for these cooked foods. These are based on my 34 years of personal experience and research, as well as the experiences of tens-of-thousands of others who have written me and told of their personal experiences. 1. The average person is addicted to cooked food, and when that person tries to eat an all-raw diet, they are inclined to cheat. This cheating often becomes out of control and so they get discouraged and soon throw in the towel, and go back to their old, nearly 100% cooked food diet. 2. Many find it difficult to chew enough raw plant sourced foods to obtain sufficient calories. If enough calories are not consumed, the body may not receive sufficient protein. In cooked form, it is easier to chew and thus easier to obtain sufficient calories. 3. We need sufficient calories, especially in the form of carbohydrates, in order to have adequate energy. Some people, especially those who consume an excessive amount of fruit, find they have very low energy. 4. Some need more calories in order to keep from becoming too thin. Everyone should be thin, but some people become too thin if they do not consume some concentrated carbohydrates in cooked form. 5. Adding 15% cooked foods provide all of the above benefits, along with making the diet much more doable, while obtaining at least as good if not better results than trying to maintain a 100% raw plant sourced diet. Interestingly, some nutrients are even more readily available to the body from foods when cooked – lycopene, found in tomatoes, being one of them. Cooked grains can be a wonderful and tasty addition to The Hallelujah Acres Diet. Rhonda and this editor consume some cooked grains most every week, as well as something cooked most every day. The Hallelujah Acres Diet allows 15% of a day’s food intake to be in cooked form. LIVING PROOF This editor adopted a 100% raw (living), plant based diet 34 years ago, along with large quantities of 100% raw (enzymatically alive), freshly extracted vegetable juices, after being told he had colon cancer in 1976. After one year on a 100% raw diet, with my cancer gone, I added 15% cooked plant sourced foods back into my diet. For the past 33 years my diet has been at least 85% raw plant sourced foods, along with approximately 15% cooked plant sourced foods. I have also consumed freshly extracted vegetable juices daily since 1976. As a result, as I approach my 77th birthday, I still have the physical abilities I had as a teen, and a mind superior to when I was a teen. This Hallelujah Diet has not only worked for me, but for Rhonda also for 19 years, and for millions of others around the world who have adopted the Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle. We share their testimonies weekly in the Health Tip, on the Hallelujah Acres website and in our Health News Magazine.

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