The Dangers of Tatooing

The Dangers of Tatooing

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Before moving, I never thought much of the subject of tatooing. Then last year Rhonda and I moved from Shelby, North Carolina to St. Augustine, Florida and began taking our 2-mile walks on the beach. Living in Shelby, North Carolina (a 4-hour drive from the nearest beach), we seldom saw people in swimsuits while going for our daily walks. But on the beach here in St. Augustine, it is hard to not notice how many people — especially women of all ages — have tattoos, some of them covering large portions of their body. I have often remarked to Rhonda as we walked: “I wonder how many of those wearing tattoos were sober when they had the tattoo applied? For sure there had to be some pain involved.” More concerning, however, is that anything applied to the skin is absorbed into the bloodstream. That fact alone caused me concern about the toxic effect these tattoo dyes have on the health of the individual – especially long term. Well, low and behold, in Dr. Blaylock’s Wellness Report for the month of August 2013, on page 10, what should appear but an article titled: “The Dangers of Tattooing.” In the beginning of the article he talks about social habits that regularly infect our society. He talks about the body-piercing fad (still wildly popular) and how this has led to “serious infections and even loss of body parts, such as noses and ears.” Dr. Blaylock goes on to state that the trend of tattooing has spread even faster and to a wider populace than body piercing. But he went on to tell how the people receiving these tattoos are unaware of the toxins contained in the tattoo inks – “toxic iron and manganese, and recent studies have shown that the dyes do not remain in the dermis of the skin, but are also found in lymph nodes.” Dr. Blaylock told how these metals travel from the skin to many of the different organs of the body – including the brain. “Only recently has the medical profession explored the possibility that diseases such as cancer may be linked to the practice.” “In fact, several cases of highly malignant cancer have been found in draining lymph nodes and even within the tattooed area itself. Breast tattoos on women can increase iron levels in the draining lymph nodes of the breast and either increase the risk of breast cancer or make a later developing cancer more aggressive and deadly. The same is true for melanoma and other cancers.” Dr. Blaylock concludes be telling the reader that “besides having a population that looks like it was just recently released from a Russian prison, we now realize that there are health consequences to the tattooing craze.”
"Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord." ~ Leviticus 19:28 (KJV)
I encourage you to spread this message to anyone you know who is considering a tattoo – and for those who already have a tattoo, I invite you to adopt The Hallelujah Diet to help keep your immune system strong so that the long-term effects of your decision do not affect your health and longevity. And by the way... if you dye your hair, note that most hair dyes are full of toxic chemicals, too. They, too, are absorbed through the skin on the head when the hair is dyed, and can cause physical problems similar to those Dr. Blaylock is talking about from the dyes found in the tattoo inks.

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