The Best Water Source

The Best Water Source

Drinking water should be an important part of our daily intake – but what should be its source – distilled water, tap water, bottled water, the water found in our raw fruits and vegetables? Probably the most important water we take into our body each day is found in the raw fruits and vegetables we eat or juice. The water found in raw fruits and vegetables is full of nutrients and oxygen and help support all our life functions, especially helpful when we make juicing raw fruits and especially vegetables an important part of our daily routine. But we can’t get enough liquid for all our body needs from just the liquid found in the raw fruits and vegetables that we eat and juice – so what is our next best source of liquid? For me, for the past 40 years it has been distilled water, made in my own home, using a water distiller — with no adverse effects. In fact, for many years, noted health experts have advised the use of distilled water as the best form of water a person could consume, as well as it being a key component of a healthy diet. Because of this, Hallelujah Acres has, for many years, encouraged the consumption of plenty of distilled water. As time passed however, Hallelujah Acres started questioning some of the information these experts had been expounding, and felt it imperative that we, through our own research, and with our own research scientist and laboratories, determine for sure whether some of the things these experts had been proclaiming all these years were indeed accurate information. So, in 1997, Hallelujah Acres brought on board, our own Ph.D., Cornell University graduate, Chemical Engineer, Dr. Michael Donaldson. Though the "experts" had been telling us for years that long-term use of distilled water presented no problems for the consumer, Dr. Donaldson started doing research and testing our own Health Ministers (those who help us spread the word about the Hallelujah Diet) for possible problems — indeed, Dr. Donaldson found potential for problems with long-term distilled water use. He found that while drinking low mineral water will not wreak major damage on the body immediately, over time it could strip the body of vital minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium among others. He also found distilled water to have a low pH of only 6.11, which is too acidic. In response, Dr. Donaldson developed a new, highly effective, and low cost water additive now known as “Hydroboost.” Rhonda and I add 1 teaspoon of Hydroboost to every gallon of distilled water we drink. After conducting extensive tests, Dr. Donaldson, Ph.D., concluded,
“Hydroboost alkalizes water, provides minerals in amounts and forms which benefit the body, and improves the hydrating ability of drinking water.”
Hydroboost raises the pH to a beneficial alkaline level of 8.0 or higher and significantly improves the mineral content. For more information visit the Hydroboost page.

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