What if there was a natural approach to living with diabetes?

Taking a natural approach to diabetes with a plant-based diet

A natural, biblical plant-based approach to diabetes is one way to combat the common American condition.
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In the past four decades, the number of American adults living with diabetes has nearly quadrupled. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 21.9 million adults have been diagnosed with diabetes in the U.S.

Type 2 diabetes
The most common form in the country is Type 2 diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, the primary cause of this condition is insulin resistance, when the body does not effectively use insulin. Initially when this happens, the pancreas makes up for it by producing extra insulin. Eventually however, it is no longer able to normalize blood glucose levels and when glucose builds up in the blood it can cause complications that often require oral medications or prescribed insulin to manage.

The real cause of diabetes
Though diabetes treatment focuses on a healthy diet, the average American diet may not be doing enough. According to "God's Original Diet," written by the Rev. George Malkmus, cell membranes must be kept healthy so that they can rid the cell of toxins and waste while at the same time bringing in essential nutrients. To keep healthy, these cells must obtain Omega-3 fatty acids and the good fats and nutrients found in plant foods. This normalcy of cell function allows the exact right amount of insulin to enter the cell and fuel its energy needs.

When unhealthy fats clog the cell membranes, they block insulin from being delivered.When unhealthy fats clog the cell membranes, they block insulin from being delivered.

When Americans eat the Standard American Diet, not only are their bodies not getting the proper nutrients, but unhealthy fats clog the cell membranes. This blocks the blood sugars that cells rely on from getting to them. Consequently, sugar is backed up into the bloodstream which causes blood insulin levels to rise. If this process is meant to be natural and organic, man should not be using insulin to treat a human-created problem. What if, buried beneath the billions of dollars pumped into diabetes research was a quite simple and relative answer? Is it possible that preventative measures have been around since the very beginning?

"Diabetes is caused by placing things into the body that God never intended to enter it along with failure to exercise," wrote Rev. Malkmus in "God's Original Diet."

The natural, biblical approach
For all those living with diabetes, there is an effective, natural way to promote blood sugar health and it begins with the biblical plant-based diet derived from Genesis 1:29. Miraculously self-healing, the body simply needs the right means to do so. Ridding the body of toxins and supporting a healthy, primarily raw clean food diet is the best place to start. The Hallelujah Diet provides guidelines for addressing blood sugar and restoring your health include eliminating all animal fats, starting an exercise regimen and following the Hallelujah Diet of 85 percent raw and 15 percent cooked, plant-based foods after two months of transitioning. Doing so gives your body the essential support it needs to maintain blood sugar levels, strengthen the immune system and increase energy.

Eating a plant-based diet coupled with regular exercise is a natural approach to treating diabetes.Eating a plant-based diet coupled with regular exercise is a natural approach to treating diabetes.

Additionally, following the recommendations from the "The Hallelujah Diet™ Refined: Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar" book that is included in the Diabetes Get Started Kit will guide you in the right direction. Also included in this support system is the signature product of The Hallelujah Diet, BarleyMax® - a pure green juice powder that is one of most nutritionally dense broad-spectrum living food products available today. Fiber Cleanse is also included - essential when beginning this biblical diet. Packed with 28 herbs in a psyllium and flax seed base, it detoxifies the entire body so that you can start feeling and living better.

According to "God's Original Diet," over the years hundreds of diabetics have confirmed that after adopting the Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle their symptoms began to fade. This is because once those unhealthy fats stop clogging the cell membranes and blocking insulin, blood sugar levels almost always return to normal. Now that's a natural, biblical approach that works.

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