Take Charge Of Your Body

Take Charge Of Your Body

Over the past weeks, I have been sharing a number of articles regarding the “wisdom of this world” vs the “wisdom of God”. There have been several interesting responses – below are a few of them:
“Hello. Thanks 100 times for this article on “How is the World’s wisdom doing?” This is very, very personal to our life now. My husband who is 54 years old has been diagnosed with coronary heart disease, with 70% stenosis in left artery, less in right. "He was medevaced last month to Australia and was told he needed gall bladder surgery – which he had. After the surgery, he experienced depression. They kept him in the CCU overnight, ran tests but said all was well. I wasn’t convinced because he’d never had a heart problem (at least not known to us) and asked for further tests. The cardiologist initially refused. We pleaded and said we are missionaries serving overseas, medevacs are expensive and emotionally draining, and something wasn’t right. Well, it wasn’t. We convinced him to do a CT scan and CT angiogram and that’s where the blockage was revealed. Unfortunately my husband’s blockage is in the LAD and we’ve been told it has a phrase that goes with it called, “widow maker.” "We are praying and trusting the Lord to allow us to remain here for two more months then come home for a stent or most likely bypass surgery. We’ve been asking the Lord what to do, my husband and we have changed our diet significantly (interesting this IS the first thing the doctors tell us), but of course not totally because they recommend meat. My husband was told to go on the Mediterranean diet. "We have dabbled off and on for years with the Hallelujah Diet. We have your books, DVDs etc but never did it faithfully. Tonight while downloading emails, your email came in. I was shocked to read the information, but not surprised given the situation we find ourselves in. I sent it to my husband and my prayer request is PLEASE pray for us to do what we can on the Hallelujah Diet diet here. We have a juicer and can get fresh fruits and veggies here…actually cheaper to live here this way as meat is very expensive. "I feel the Lord saying we can reverse his heart problems in a few months before we go home, and Lord willing NOT need the stent or bypass surgery. Would you please, please join us in this journey? It’s funny because my husband wanted something sweet earlier tonight and he made a recipe out of your book Simple Healthy Meals. He used walnuts, oats, and healthy ingredients we had on hand. I am in awe of God’s mercy and feel your email is an answer to prayer because lots of people are doing the Hallelujah Diet. Thanks for helping us to take charge of our bodies. Blessings.” ~ Estella T.
“As most Hallelujah Acres devotees know, ALL of the information provided on this Health Tip re: diabetes also applies to cancer and heart disease. God’s answer would put an end to the waste of tons of money being donated to the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and the Susan Komen Foundation, in addition to the American Diabetic Association. Think of all the places that money could serve the people of the world to help and save people, instead of destroying them. God’s Way is ALWAYS the answer; it started with Genesis 1:29.” ~ Janet
“I have been a Health Minister since March 1995. My wife and I were in the second-ever class; I still teach and instruct folks how to eat and live. The Hallelujah Diet was instrumental in healing on of our members from stage 4 colon and liver cancer; but I want to know how I can get the messages that George is writing each week. How can I be added to the list? ~ Health Minister Edgar B.
Rev. Malkmus Responds... Edgar, that's easy! Just sign up on the right hand side of the page when you read any Health Tip article, or visit the Hallelujah Acres Health News website.

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