Switch To Celtic Sea Salt

Switch To Celtic Sea Salt

An article in Dr. Bruce West’s monthly publication “Health Alert” titled “Switch to Celtic Sea Salt” we find an interesting article on why we should switch to Celtic Sea Salt:
"As for salt? Salt is a necessary food. Without it you would quickly get sick and die. But there is no need to consume table salt (sodium chloride). Instead consume only Celtic Sea Salt. This is almost a mineral tonic of salt directly from the sea with naturally accompanying trace minerals like iodine and magnesium. "And it actually makes food taste better. So make the switch. This is one that will really end up making a big difference. When sodium chloride is flushed and Celtic Sea Salt is used, there are huge benefits when it comes to your heart. And when you add in a better diet with less sugar, you are really getting on track."
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Rev. Malkmus Comments

It has been over 15 years since I learned of the dangers of table salt (sodium chloride) and we switched to Celtic Sea Salt as the only salt used in the preparation of our food here in the Malkmus household. And it tastes even better than regular table salt.

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