Super Immunity 101: Understanding and Obtaining a Healthy Immune System

Super Immunity 101: Understanding and Obtaining a Healthy Immune System

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Ever wish you could ward off diseases and viruses the second they enter your system? Having this ability would be like possessing a superpower, and one that could do a lot of good. In the medical community, having a well-functioning immune system is referred to as super immunity, and there are some ways you can achieve it.

How the Immune System Works

There are dozens of different types of immune cells that work within the immune system. The circulatory system and the lymphatic system help mobilize these cells to fight bad bugs, colds, and the flu. We combine these cells with antioxidants and filtering systems of the kidneys and lungs to create a vast network that protects us from many problems that come from the outside. Keeping each of these components running at optimum levels leads to the super immunity we crave. Various issues can cause our immune system to begin breaking down, however. This can lead to vulnerabilities to new pathogens, autoimmune problems, cancer, and eventually death. You can support your immune system with three simple ways of adjusting your life. These strategies give you your best chance of fighting off illness, avoiding disease, and being happy and healthy.

Supercharge Your Diet to Boost Your Immunity

Your diet can either support you or hinder you. The foods you choose decide this. Many of the most popular foods we eat today contain copious amounts of chemicals. Some of these chemicals are residues from pesticides and manufacturing processes, and some of them are added to make flavors more intense or colors bolder. None of them contribute to making foods healthy. There are half a million different chemicals used in the food industry. The vast majority of them have been labeled as harmful to our health. Many cause cancer, disrupt our hormones and throw off our metabolism. Artificial colors and flavors have been linked to ADHD, cancer, fatigue, and autoimmune issues.

To be as healthy as possible, you should avoid any and all chemicals added to your food. This means choosing whole foods, avoiding processed foods, sticking to organic, or growing your own food. The most significant part of your diet should be fruits and vegetables. This is where everything that fights bad bugs originates. Fruits and vegetables contain the vast majority of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Farmer’s markets are the best place to find good produce and ask the farmer what, if any, chemicals they use.

We all know vitamin C helps boost the immune system, and so does zinc and selenium. In one study, volunteers took 1 gram of vitamin C every hour for 6 hours at the first symptoms of a cold, and then three times a day after that. Compared to the control group they had 85% reduction in symptoms. How about that for boosting the immune system! Powerful antioxidants that help fight cancer abound in colorful fruits and vegetables. The antioxidants resveratrol and salvestrol are potent antioxidants found in the skins of dark blue and red fruits and vegetables. Organic whole grains play an important part in helping your body get proper nutrition. They contain many B vitamins and iron that is necessary for clear thinking, energy production, and our general health. 

Get the Right Amount of Exercise

Physical movement is vital to keeping the immune system healthy. Exercise helps build healthy tissue in the body and keep your weight under control. But, it does something even more critical to our health. Exercise stimulates the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a series of nodes and pathways that help move the immune system and waste products around our body and helps flush out toxins. Unlike our circulatory system, there is no heart or pump to move all of this around our bodies. The lymphatic system relies on our muscles to push the fluids around and keep everything flowing. Exercise is one of the best ways to get everything flowing and flushed out. A sedentary lifestyle causes stagnation and other health problems. Exercises and activity is the cure.

Have Faith in Healing

Faith healing and directed meditation play a huge role in immunity. The field of psychoneuroimmunology devotes itself to this technique. It believes that our bodies can sense our thoughts and our desires and adjust our bodies to match what we think. If we believe we're sick, we’ll be sick. If we think we’re healthy, the body will work towards getting healthy.

You can practice this at home on your own. Gratitude is the practice of giving thanks. In all major religious traditions, gratitude is just practiced. It's straightforward: During times of meditation and prayer, direct your thoughts to God by saying thank you for specific things and people in your life. For example, you can give thanks for being able to breathe deeply and take deep breaths. This will help you to take deeper breaths throughout the day. You can give thanks for abundant energy. This will help increase your energy levels. Church leader and Apostle Paul tells us our body is a temple, and we should respect it. Following the advice of this article, you can improve your health and your immunity.

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