Sunburn No Longer a Problem on Hallelujah Diet

Sunburn No Longer a Problem on Hallelujah Diet

Testimony of Dr. J.C. House Reading Sunburn No Longer a Problem on Hallelujah Diet 4 minutes Next 60 Days to Reclaim Your Health
Prior to Rhonda adopting the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle 19 years ago, she could not spend even the smallest amount of time in the sun without experiencing sun burn. However, not long after adopting the Hallelujah Diet she found that she could spend more and more time in the sun without burning. Over the years she has been able to spend more and more time in the sun without protection or a problem, and today she can spend the whole day in the sun without experiencing even redness. Each year I receive letters from people telling me how that after adopting the Hallelujah Acres diet and Lifestyle they no longer experience sunburn either. Well, this past week the following question was asked on Hallelujah Acres Facebook and below are the responses received to the question: There exists the controversy regarding spending time in the sun to increase vitamin D levels vs. the supposedly "negative" effects of doing so (skin cancers, etc.). Many believe that diet plays a role in our skin being able to better absorb the sun's benefits. Have you experienced a change in how your body reacts to the sun after adapting the Hallelujah Diet?
”I feel healthier getting more sun vs. staying inside. I really think diet plays the role in skin cancer – not the sun. If all other cancers are related to diet, why wouldn’t skin cancer be also?” Angela
“In the sun instead of burning I just get tanner. I am happier after being in the garden, yet people get upset with me because they say getting so much sun will give me skin cancer. They just don’t understand the benefits of this lifestyle. So I try to explain to explain it to them.” Millet
“My skin doesn’t burn anymore.” Connie
“I have seen it happen in the transition of someone’s diet – my mothers. She is very pale, but after changing her diet she lost over 30-pounds and now when she gets in the sun she doesn’t burn! Just tans – it’s amazing.” Esther
“Since I shifted to a vegan diet I don’t burn in the sun. I was in the garden several hours yesterday and played golf today with not only no sun burn, but not even red skin. I believe it is the diet that made the difference my body reacts to the sun.” Paul
“I just simply don’t worry about exposure to the sun anymore. This diet has set me free in more ways than one. Thank God for His truths!” Joanne
“After being a vegan for just 51 weeks now, my wife and I just got back from being in the sun all day and noticed I was not red as a lobster, nor peeling – Just another benefit of the Hallelujah Acres lifestyle. Thanks again.” Jim
“I’m a life-long sun lover and was almost disappointed that I couldn’t even get a touch of burn since the diet change. But I know its better this way.” Sheri
Before adopting the Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle 34 years ago, I could spend hardly any amount of time in the sun without redness and then came the peeling. But since the diet change, I haven’t experienced sunburn, not even one time. This past week, after not having had much exposure to the sun through the winter, I mowed grass for 4 hours in full sun, plus worked in my garden for several hours, and all I had to show for all that sun exposure was a nice tan. I like what Jim said above: “Just another benefit of the Hallelujah Acres lifestyle.” Amen Jim!

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