Still On The Diet After Beating Cancer 20 Years Ago

Still On The Diet After Beating Cancer 20 Years Ago

David has been following The Hallelujah Diet for nearly 20 years after beating cancer. Monica's been doing it for 10 years. And Bev tried it, went back to meat, got sick, and came back. Read all about these amazing stories!
I delight in hearing from our subscribers, especially when someone shares their experience following their adopting The HallelujahDiet. So please keep those letters (and especially the testimonies) coming. I read every one of them!
"In 1988 I was diagnosed with stage 4 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and underwent chemotherapy. The cancer returned with a vengeance in 1990 and was told I needed a bone-marrow transplant, which with my wife’s blessing I chose not to do. Instead we went seeking alternative treatment but didn’t find any. Ten months after this second diagnosis and without any treatment the doctor who heads up the pathology department at a noted California hospital gave me less than two weeks to live. Still refusing a bone-marrow transplant I opted to go to an alternative cancer hospital in Mexico we had learned about. I entered the hospital in a wheelchair, unable to walk, and three weeks later left the hospital carrying two suitcases. At the alternative cancer treatment hospital my knowledge of cancer grew exponentially as I began a raw plant based diet with lots of vegetable juices. While in that alternative hospital I started writing a book based on what I had learned and experienced following God’s Genesis 1:29 diet. Not long after being released from the alternative hospital and before I had gotten too far along in the writing of my book, I came upon your book ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’ in a local health food store. I bought it and by the time I had read the first chapter told my wife there was no need to continue writing my book because Dr. Malkmus had already written everything I would have said. After reading your book I immediately went on The Hallelujah Diet which was very similar to what I had been placed on at that alternative hospital in Mexico. I have continued on The Hallelujah Diet for the past nearly 20 years. Since my alternative hospital experience and the reading of your book, I have shared health, healing, and God’s plan for ultimate health with thousands.” David B., California
"Dear Rev. Malkmus, Thank you for sharing all this wonderful information on health. I learned years ago of the dangers of consuming dairy and when I read Dr. Campbell’s book The China Study it confirmed my concern about consuming dairy. I learned recently of Hallelujah Acres and signed up for your weekly Health Tip and love reading it. I have been following a plant-based diet for the past 10 years now and the results have been amazing. May God continue to bless you and reveal His love and truth to you even more than you are even presently experiencing.” Monica
"I was so disappointed when ‘Dr. M’ slugged Dr. Campbell’s book ‘The China Study.’ I downloaded his ‘Nutritional Typing’ and learned that my ‘type’ required animal protein. Years ago, after serious digestion problems, I had eliminated all animal protein, and my digestive problems simply disappeared. So immediately after learning that my ‘type’ required animal protein I dismissed the idea of incorporating animal protein back into my diet. Two years ago, after not consuming any animal protein for years and after my family had been constantly badgering me, telling me that I needed to add animal protein back into my diet, I relented. After not having been sick for years following a plant based diet, within three weeks of adding animal protein back into my diet I became terribly sick. So I went back to my plant based diet and soon was well again. So the evidence is clear that my body thrives on a plant-based diet and my health declines on an animal protein diet. For years now I have been following The Hallelujah Diet with wonderful results.” Bev. B., Australia

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