Spend 2 Days with Rev. Malkmus Learning How to Eliminate Sickness

Spend 2 Days with Rev. Malkmus Learning How to Eliminate Sickness

November 16-17 (only a week away) is your opportunity to spend two days with the Founder of Hallelujah Acres – the man God has used to bring health and healing to multitudes of people around the world. During this two-day workshop, using Rev. Malkmus’ most recent books, "The Hallelujah Diet, and the Workbook, you will learn how the Bible supports a pure, plant-based diet and the consequences of consuming the Standard American Diet (SAD). He will also reveal why the SAD cannot help but produce physical breakdown and mental decline. Using scientific documentation, Biblical teachings and personal experiences, he will also show how you, too, can experience the degree of health he is personally experiencing as he approaches his 76th birthday. You won’t soon forget seeing his energy and physical abilities as he not only teaches the importance of physical exercise, but demonstrates it before your very eyes. Friends, if there is a human example of "The energizer bunny," Rev. Malkmus is it. Call 1-800-915-9355 for go to www.hacres.com/diet/hdl.asp for more information or to register. Cost is $125 per person and includes books.

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