Scientist Gives Hallelujah Diet "Thumbs Up"

Scientist Gives Hallelujah Diet "Thumbs Up"

Happy 81st Birthday Rev. Malkmus! Reading Scientist Gives Hallelujah Diet "Thumbs Up" 4 minutes Next Raw Non-Dairy Whip
Thank you so very much for sharing your experiences following the Hallelujah Diet. One of the most favorite parts of my day is reading the letters and testimonies being sent to me from the subscribers of this Health Tip. Please keep sending those letters and testimonies as they “make my day.”
“Dear Pastor George, I am a scientist who lives in Houston that has been reading and now watching and following the Hallelujah Diet for a long time. Certainly God is using you in a mighty way to help thousands of people. Please let me know whenever you are in the Houston area as I would love to meet with you and Rhonda. May God bless you always!” ~ Dr. Molly M., Houston, Texas
“Congratulations, great article, I believe 100% what you said, because I had breast cancer in 1998, and I did not want any chemotherapy and became totally vegetarian and a Health Minister of Hallelujah Acres and my health could not be better, the cancer disappeared, thanks to God and to Pastor George Malkmus and Rhonda for the great job.” ~ Rose A.
“Your weekly health tips have been inspiring me to live a healthier life style for several years now. Because of the information that you make available I have given up meats, soft drinks and sweets. My weakness is finding time to juice and I should be eating more vegetables. I do not eat fast food or processed foods thanks to the information that you and the team make available. Please keep up the good work and I appreciate all that you do. My life has been influenced in a huge way by the Hallelujah Diet and your testimony. You’re awesome!” ~ Teresa A.
“I have practiced dentistry in a system that generally treats the symptoms, rather than the cause. I continue as I have since the beginning of my dentistry to encourage patients to take control of their dental problems by the simple elimination of sugar from their diet, especially in beverages. I am currently in Azerbaijan in a Christian Dental Clinic trying to teach apprentice dentists this concept. Unfortunately, I have generally found that unless the patient has to spend a lot of their own money to repair their damage, I have been somewhat ineffective in getting them to change their dietary habits. Finally, as you say Dr. George in your Health Tip regarding disease, there is no encouragement financially for the medical (or dental) profession to focus on eliminating the cause. But I will persevere with pointing out to all who will listen to the truth about dental caries and its causative agent sugar. I pray the Lord allows you many more years bringing forth simple God given truths about the relationship of improper diet, insufficient exercise, and the onset of disease.” ~ Dr. Wayne L. (DDS), Azerbaijan
“Hi Reverend, This is Rebekah A. that recovered from cancer of the breast after adopting the Hallelujah Diet. I am writing to tell you that I am still doing great 11 years after my cancer recovery, healthy and bounding in the Lord. The Lord is using me to direct other people on how to recover from deadly diseases through a simple diet and lifestyle change and God is getting all the glory. I now run a wellness center where people come to learn how to change their diet and eat right. Thank you for being there. God bless you, God bless Rhonda, and God bless Hallelujah Acres.” ~ Rebekah A., Nigeria

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