Rev. Malkmus Speaks In Raleigh, NC

Rev. Malkmus Speaks In Raleigh, NC

Rev. Malkmus' on-the-road events just keep getting better! Last weekend he was in Raleigh, NC speaking to a very enthusiastic crowd at Springfield Baptist Church.
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This past Monday evening I had the privilege of speaking in the African American, Springfield Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC. We filled the Fellowship Hall of this 2,000+ member church. It was one of the greatest “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminars I have ever conducted! I had told them early on in the seminar following a thunderous “AMEN” from the congregation for something I had said: “Do you realize that when you say 'AMEN' to a preacher it’s like saying 'sic-em' to a dog?” Well that really brought out the amens and there were even times I had to stop preaching — it was such an exciting seminar! (By the way, I was invited back to speak, too.) But as always, the most exciting part of the seminar was the testimonies of healing as a result of adopting The Hallelujah Diet at the beginning of the seminar. These healing testimonies always set the stage for the information that follows. No matter where in the world I have conducted these seminars, on three different continents over the past 20-plus years, there have always been those healing testimonies! A few days after this seminar I received the following email:
“Dr. Malkmus, I attended your seminar at the Springfield Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina this past Monday evening and I must say ‘I sure enjoyed your presentation and message’. You are truly a role model for the diet you promote and the message you proclaim, especially when one realizes that you are almost 80 years old.” Sharon C., Raleigh, North Carolina
My next seminar is scheduled for Saturday, October 6th in Shelby, North Carolina. It will be my last seminar ever conducted at our Hallelujah Acres Shelby, NC location. Click here for more info!

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