Rev. Malkmus & Rhonda Move into Their New Home in The Villages

Rev. Malkmus & Rhonda Move into Their New Home in The Villages

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This past Monday, November 9, we moved into our new home in the Villages of Hallelujah Acres. HALLELUJAH! By evening we had the beds up and kitchen functional. Next came the adjustment of furniture placement and the unpacking of many boxes, which is still ongoing. Now instead of having to drive over 100 miles roundtrip to Hallelujah Acres International Headquarters in Shelby, North Carolina from where we previously lived, we can walk across the street. This move not only saves us driving some 30,000 miles annually, but saves me some 500 hours of travel time that I can put to far better use. I just realized that number of hours meant I have been spending three weeks of 24-hour days out of each year just traveling back and forth to Hallelujah Acres. The Villages of Hallelujah Acres location is not only an absolutely beautiful place to live, but because of it close proximity to Hallelujah Acres, our store which now offers organic produce along with all the other natural foods, and soon to reopen café, are also within walking distance. Many gorgeous lots are still available here in the Villages, and Rhonda and I are looking for neighbors. If you are interested in learning more about the Villages of Hallelujah Acres, visit us on the web at

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