Raw Milk Raucous!

Raw Milk Raucous!

Pasteurized milk poses a health danger for sure. But there's been a lot of attention — and controversy — over the last few years about raw milk. That is, milk that has not been pasteurized, so that its enzymes and calf-nourishing goodness remain intact. But is raw milk any better for human health? Debbie asks the question this week and Rev. Malkmus responds with an answer you may find surprising!
“I really enjoyed your recent Health Tip telling of Why Cow Milk is So Dangerous. This is something I know about first hand. I grew up in a home where I drank cow’s milk every day. As a result of drinking this cow milk I suffered with constipation, continual ear infections and tonsillitis. At that time, no one knew that these problems were the result of consuming cow milk. I have a question, though. I have been told that raw cow’s milk is ‘more healthy’ than store bought pasteurized cow milk, and what about yogurt made with raw milk? Do they have all the health benefits they claim?” ~ Debbie H.
Rev. Malkmus Responds... Hi Debbie, as I said in my Health Tip titled “Why Cow Milk is So Dangerous” it doesn’t matter whether cow milk is store bought pasteurized or homogenized, or whether it is raw right from the cow and organic, cow milk is the cause of a multiple of physical problems. It starts in children by causing all kinds of mucous problems, along with constipation and ear problems, as you experienced. Later it leads to osteoporosis and if a person is diagnosed with cancer it becomes a great feeder of that cancer due to the high content of the protein casein. Dr. T. Colin Campbell tells us that nothing feeds and causes cancer to grow more rapidly than the casein found in all cow milk products – no matter the source of that cow’s milk. And then there is the high fat content of cow’s milk, which helps lead to high blood pressure and obesity. And if cow’s milk will cause these problems, anything made from cow milk, including yogurt and cheese, is responsible for creating similar problems.
“Dear Rev. Malkmus, I had Irritable Bowel Symptom (IBS) for the over 15 years. I was in terrible pain almost daily for all these years and the medical doctors could not give me anything that took away my IBS or gave me any sort of relief. Then one day I was introduced to The Hallelujah Diet, adopted it, and ever since I have been blessed by the Lord. All pain is now gone and my bowels have been functioning perfectly ever since I made the diet change. Thank you.” ~ Ryan K.
“I was told by a friend that Dr. George Malkmus has passed away and that it was a deficiency in The Hallelujah Diet that contributed to his death. Is this FACT or FICTION?” ~ Russell S.
Rev. Malkmus Responds... “It must be FICTION — I'm still here! :) And I have witnesses... Last Saturday I held a seminar at Turning Point at Calvary church here in St. Augustine, Florida and was seen alive and well by over 150 people — almost 80 years of age, in a strong body with a sound mind, still free of any physical or mental limitations. Complete blood work this past spring revealed that all my numbers were in excellent range without any deficiencies. You might like to find out from your friend where he/she got this erroneous information.”

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