Rapid Virus Recovery, A Book by Dr. Thomas Levy, MD, JD

Rapid Virus Recovery, A Book by Dr. Thomas Levy, MD, JD

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A Commentary by Michael Donaldson, PhD

Dr. Thomas Levy has done it again. Following up such blockbuster books like Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins and Death by Calcium and then Magnesium: Reversing Disease Dr. Levy has made the book Rapid Virus Recovery available as an ebook for all of humanity.

What is the potential impact of this book? Quite simply the end of our current global situation in about 2 or 3 weeks. While this seems like a wild claim after more than a year of the world’s inept response to nothing more than a severe flu bug, Dr. Levy backs up his claim with facts, research and a protocol that can be implemented around the globe.

After all, few first aid products are more widely available at lower cost than hydrogen peroxide. A single session could cost as little as ¼ of a cent. The electricity might cost more than the hydrogen peroxide, it is so cheap.

“That’s it?” you ask. “A whole book about nebulizing hydrogen peroxide?”

Yes, in all of the scientific, well-referenced details that you would expect from Dr. Levy. This single idea became a whole book because of an important discovery that Dr. Levy made while using nebulized hydrogen peroxide for clearing chronic respiratory infections, which we will get to in a minute.

The main point of the book, as seen by the title, is a protocol using a nebulizer and hydrogen peroxide to rapidly clear any respiratory viral infection. A nebulizer is a small, inexpensive air compressor that makes aerosols (most of the particles smaller than 5 microns) of a therapeutic liquid that can be breathed deep into the lungs. The aerosol mist is breathed in over a 5-15 minute period. Mesh nebulizers are also available that are very portable, battery operated and almost silent for discrete use anywhere.

The basic protocol is to put drug store grade 3% hydrogen peroxide into the nebulizer chamber and nebulize with a face mask or mouth piece for 10-15 minutes about 4 times a day when initial symptoms such as a slight runny nose or scratchy throat appear. Hydrogen peroxide can be irritating. If this is the case, pure water can be used to dilute the hydrogen peroxide 50%, which then can be tolerated by most people. Further dilution is OK but reduces the potency as well. Dr. Mercola has advocated the use of very dilute hydrogen peroxide with great benefit. Dr. David Brownstein has also used dilute hydrogen peroxide as part of his anti-viral protocol. So, diluting the hydrogen peroxide will not take away all of the benefits, but progress may be slower.

While food grade hydrogen peroxide may be optimal, the use of common first-aid quality hydrogen peroxide is quite safe and has produced excellent results. The lack of food grade hydrogen peroxide should not deter someone from benefiting from this protocol.

What are the benefits of a nebulizer? The beneficial agent can be directed to where it is most needed in the smallest effective amount. Higher concentrations can be achieved in the respiratory tract and lungs via nebulizer than via intravenous injections. It is the very best way to get beneficial agents to the lungs. There are systemic effects as well, but main benefits are in the respiratory tract.

Why hydrogen peroxide? Hydrogen peroxide, with a chemical formula of H2O2 is naturally occurring in the body. In fact, hydrogen peroxide is one key compound that the immune system uses to kill virally-infected cells within the body. By supplying more hydrogen peroxide you are just augmenting a very natural process already present in the body. And when hydrogen peroxide is done you are just left with water and oxygen, both of which are beneficial to the body.

How does it work? Hydrogen peroxide can pick up an electron from excess iron or another metal and form the hydroxyl radical and water. The hydroxyl radical is an aggressive free radical and rips an electron from nearby proteins, DNA, or lipids, causing cellular damage and ultimately cell death. The presence of excess iron is a key feature of infected cells and cancer cells, so it turns out that hydrogen peroxide is activated at the point of greatest need. Otherwise it is rather benign, non-aggressive and quite safe. It is like a security force keeping vigil over a compound that only goes into threat deactivation mode when an active threat is revealed.

It turns out that vitamin C readily donates an electron to iron, making vitamin C a great companion to hydrogen peroxide application. Even without nebulizing hydrogen peroxide the presence of high amounts of vitamin C allows the immune system to generate large amounts of hydrogen peroxide itself for killing pathogens. So, the application of hydrogen peroxide, along with oral vitamin C, is just augmenting the natural system already in place. It is orthomolecular nutrition at its core, using natural occurring nutrients that the body recognizes and is able to use safely and effectively, without the side effects so common from pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines which are foreign to the body.

What are the other benefits of nebulizing hydrogen peroxide? (This is the rapid gut recovery part). Before the SARS CoV-2 virus hit in early 2020 Dr. Levy was working on this book with the discovery that nebulizing hydrogen peroxide could break down the biofilm protecting chronic pathogenic colonies (CPC). The aerodigestive tract is home to various focal infections such as gingivitis, periodontitis, tonsillitis, even infected tonsils that appear normal, and chronic sinus infections. Pathogens from these infections are continuously swallowed, compromising the integrity of the gut lining (leaky gut) and contributing to gut dysbiosis like functional dysbiosis, irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory diseases like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Dr. Levy explains that without eliminating the aerodigestive tract infections there is little hope in normalizing the gut microbiome. However, over the course of several weeks the application of nebulized hydrogen peroxide can result in the establishment of normal, or very near normal gut microbiome. His own story, from a blog written in October 2019, is that nebulizer therapy enabled him to eliminate a chronic sinus infection of 60 years duration, a minor miracle in his case. Dr. Levy claims that the key to normalizing the gut microbiome is elimination of chronic pathogen colonizations present in the aerodigestive tract through the use of nebulizing hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide succeeds where antibiotics fail, because it can break down the biofilm layer protecting the pathogens from detection and elimination. In fact, rapid gut recovery was to be that main point of this book project until our world was turned upside down in 2020. Then, it turned out that hydrogen peroxide applied by nebulizer was also the best strategy for that issue as well, thus the name of the book.

So, Rapid Virus Recovery and Rapid Gut Recovery all in one fell swoop. This is great news, because so many people are dealing with gut issues. The functional gut disorders and chronic inflammatory diseases seem to have an aberrant microbiome at the heart of the problem. The issue is very hard to resolve via probiotics, changes in diet, or supplements. Could it be that Dr. Levy is right? If we get rid of the infections, then maybe we can stop sending so many pathogens down the pipe and get ahead of the pathogenic storm. This is very good news and worthy of more investigation and personal application.

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