Product Spotlight: Waterwise Distiller

Product Spotlight: Waterwise Distiller

Healthy water is the basis of life, but many of us struggle to get enough. The Waterwise Distiller helps provide us with great, healthy water to support our desire to live a clean and healthy life.

Why the Waterwise Distiller Cleans so Well

Based on steam distillation, the Waterwise Distiller uses technology that has been around since the beginning of time. It’s one of the most efficient and thorough ways to purify water. The tap water is heated to its boiling point, 212 degrees Fahrenheit, which kills many of the bacteria and viruses present. As the water boils, it rises, leaving behind the dead bacteria, any cysts or eggs of harmful pathogens, heavy metals, salts, dissolved solids, and other chemicals. Any gases that may have risen prior to the water boiling get discharge through the vents at the top of the water vessel. The steam then goes through the series of cooling coils to change the gas back into a liquid. The water percolates through an organic coconut-shell carbon filter that removes any traces of volatile organic compounds that may still linger in the water. The clean water is then collected in a special borosilicate glass collection flask for you to drink.

distillation apparatus diagram illustration

Steam distillation is a good method of cleaning water that removes nearly every contaminant. Most contamination molecules in water are too heavy to be lifted out with the steam. The healthy water remains, ready for you to drink.

How Drinking Water Makes You Healthy

The body is 70 percent water. We require a lot of water every day to be healthy. Unfortunately, most people are dehydrated. The biggest problem with drinking water is most people are afraid of the contamination and don’t like the taste. If you’ve ever had good, clean water, you know just how refreshing it is. You can feel your body celebrate every mouthful you take with the water. The Waterwise Distiller provides that for you. By removing almost all of the contaminations from the water with this distiller, you can help your body detox from many of the chemicals that we get from the environment and our diet. It helps our body flush out the negative toxins. Water is also vital to our heart. Our blood pressure is directly dictated by our level of hydration. If we become dehydrated, our blood pressure goes up. This can impact the quality of our heart as well. It takes more work for our heart to beat when we are dehydrated, putting additional strain on our most vital organ, which can lead to future problems. Not getting enough water can damage the kidneys and the liver. Without enough water, those organs need to work extra hard to pull out toxins and waste products. Then, because there's not enough water to create enough urine, all those toxins and waste just sit in the bladder, potentially reinfecting our system with stuff we're trying to get rid of.

female drinking water

And our digestive system relies on enough water to flush out our colon. Without water, fecal matter just builds up. This decreases our ability to absorb nutrients, encourages the growth of bad bacteria, and potentially introduces more waste and toxins to our blood. Without enough water, our colon can’t completely flush out the waste, leaving us irritable, depressed, and sick. And don't forget, your brain is over 80 percent water. Even a 2 percent reduction in water from our brains leads to migraines, foggy thinking, and memory loss. So always remember to stay hydrated!

Where to Get the Waterwise Distiller

Hallelujah Diet is the best place to buy the Waterwise Distiller. Our most popular model is the Waterwise 3200. Drink to better health!

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