Powerful Cancer Testimony Still Amazes!

Powerful Cancer Testimony Still Amazes!

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Below is a testimony sent me 15 years ago by Health Minister Rex E. who lived in Florida. I don’t know if Rex is still with us; he was 75 years old at the time of the writing. But it is an amazing testimony of the body’s power to heal itself, even in the worst of circumstances.
“Rev. Malkmus, I was diagnosed in January 2000, to be terminal with a massive squamous cell carcinoma (cancer) in the right side of my neck. "Subsequently, my able surgeon did a right neck dissectomy on me in which he removed my right jugular vein and tonsil with a malignant 2-inch tumor fastened to them, right saliva gland, 37 lymph nodes, 3 of which had malignant tumors, and scraped my right shoulder tendon to my right arm to the size of a noodle, when he did not think he could save my arm. He also had to overhaul my throat inside, after cutting my head nearly in half below my chin, continuously, to behind my right ear, and down my right shoulder. “Six weeks later, I was directed to begin 33 radiation treatments to remove any ‘residual cancer cells.’ Thank God for a dedicated Christian nurse who told me of the Hallelujah Diet! I did not learn of the Hallelujah Diet until I had already had 14 radiation treatments. I immediately stopped the radiation treatments, but the radiation had already burned my mouth and throat to a crisp. I started the Hallelujah Diet on April 15, 2000. In November 2000, I attended the Hallelujah Acres Health Minister training in Shelby. “I came away from that conference satisfied I was on the right track, and by September 2004, my surgeon pronounced me cancer-free. Today, I am convinced that I am still cancer free, through the grace of God and the Hallelujah Diet! I am 75 years old, and because of my good health, I have gone back to work after 20 years retirement, teaching and brokering Florida real estate. “It is my opinion that Hallelujah Acres is both a ministry and a business! So what? That doesn’t necessarily mean a conflict. They, in fact, complement one another! I am retired from the ministry of an evangelical church with a Master of Divinity degree. I tell people about the Hallelujah Diet every day. That IS my ministry now! As a result of sharing this Health Message with others, I have seen others healed of colon cancer and other diseases. God bless your ministry and business!”

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