The Path to Health – A Day on the Hallelujah Diet

The Path to Health – A Day on the Hallelujah Diet

The path to health starts with the drive to make a change. If you've followed the Standard American Diet for years, you've been neglecting to fuel your body with the proper vitamins and nutrients it deserves. By changing your habits and switching to the Hallelujah Diet, you're taking a proactive action to live a long and fulfilling life. Our flexible diet derives from God's Original Genesis 1:29 Diet, consisting mainly of plant-sourced foods in their raw, uncooked form. It's extremely simple to follow and involves no counting of anything! Here are some of our suggestions for foods to eat on your path to better health:

Breakfast and mid-morning snack

For breakfast, you can enjoy a raw smoothie made of fruits and leafy greens. There are a variety of options you can add in such as ground flax, B-Flax-D, HD Protein or BarleyMax. Then, for your mid-morning snack, try a glass of freshly extracted vegetable juice, which provides the perfect energy boost. Consider having a fiber drink now if you didn't already at breakfast.


Next comes lunch, which you should try to keep as raw as possible. Enjoy a large vegetable salad or a fresh and juicy fruit salad. Or you can switch things up and blend your salad into a smoothie form that's portable and easy to drink on the go! Alternately, you can fill an organic whole wheat wrap with fresh, delicious vegetables or spread some almond butter on celery for a crunchy, satisfying dish. Add some BarleyMax to your meal for additional health and weight loss benefits.

Mid-afternoon snack and dinner

Enjoy a glass of extracted vegetable juice as a mid-afternoon snack. But when you're running on a tight schedule or find yourself without a blender, just reach for raw, fresh vegetables like carrots, celery or broccoli. Again, feel free to add a bit of almond butter, or skip the veggies all together and indulge in half a Hallelujah Acres Original Survival Bar. When it's time for dinner, start your meal with a blended vegetable salad smoothie – processing your salad through a blender provides seven times the amount of nutrients you'd gain from salad in its whole form! Include healthy fats like avocado, nuts or seeds, and add a serving of BarleyMax for optimal nutrition. Then, enjoy a cooked vegan dish made with whole foods, such as a baked squash, steamed vegetables and whole grain pasta. The options are endless on the Hallelujah Diet, just remember to stay primarily raw!

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