Pastor's Recovery Printed in Cleveland, TN Newspaper!

Pastor's Recovery Printed in Cleveland, TN Newspaper!

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Who says you can't turn your health around in your late 70s? Certainly not David Beatty. The Tennessee pastor recently recovered from prostate cancer after adopting the Hallelujah Recovery Diet and gained the attention of the local media. Here is how the article appeared in the newspaper — read all about it!
DAVID BEATTY turned his recent bout with cancer into a life-changing, life-affirming experience thanks to modern medicine, a positive attitude, prayer and a diet that supported his body’s healing efforts. Above, the 78-year-old cancer survivor posed with a copy of the book that helped change his life — “The Hallelujah Recovery Diet.” Although David Beatty knew there were no guarantees once doctors diagnosed him with prostate cancer a year ago, he knew he could not give in or give up to the disease. Instead he looked up for answers to his cancer. Today, the pastor of Pine Hill Church of God in McDonald has experienced a complete recovery. Beatty said he has had prostate cancer screen test checkups for the last 35 years. But in September 2012, he was diagnosed with a very high prostate-specific antigen (PSA) reading of 17, indicating something was seriously wrong. The doctors prescribed antibiotics but the treatment did not bring the rating down, according to Beatty. On Jan. 10, 2013, he received the surprising news that he had prostate cancer, despite his routine checkups. The Gleason score for his cancer rating was 9, with 10 being the highest. He then found out that the cancer had spread into his lymph nodes, knowing that once it reaches the lymph nodes, it can travel anywhere. The news was devastating, Beatty admits. He was suddenly dealing with depression. Beatty, 78, said his first thoughts were since he was older doctors would not be able to operate on him. Then Beatty decided he would take a different route — a more positive, proactive approach to his crisis. “If cancer loves sugar, then I don’t love it,” he said. “Anything that cancer feeds on, I’m removing it from my diet.” In addition to changing his eating habits, Beatty welcomed the prayers of his church and the community in his time of need. His church family was worried when they first found out he had cancer. So they continued to pray for him. Beatty said he felt the Lord touch him and wanted to do everything he could to make a change in his health, in appreciation of his healing. He said he decided to look into the one diet that could change his life for the better — the Hallelujah Recovery Diet. According to Hallelujah Acres, a health and wellness organization, “The Hallelujah Recovery Diet is especially encouraged to support your body's healing efforts when battling cancer or other chronic diseases, especially if you are considering or currently undergoing traditional protocols like chemotherapy and radiation. The concentrated nutrition supports the immune system’s efforts at self-healing, often reduces the negative side effects of these toxic treatments, and leads to better results.” The Bible-based diet consists of raw foods and is highly vegetarian. Beatty said he was hoping it would reduce the high ratings that he received previously. It did. The diet consists of juicing carrots, greens, and barley on a daily basis. Juicing carrots is healthy because the pulp goes away and you get all the nutrition from it. Beatty rotates the 12 juices throughout the day. He said he drinks 8 ounces of carrot juice mixed with romaine lettuce for the first hour and 4 ounces of water mixed with a teaspoon of BarleyMax for the second hour. However, this was not the only change he made in his diet. Beatty has said no to salt, caffeine, meat, dairy products and flour. He said juicing barley has more protein than a steak. Now he eats all types of fresh vegetables, fruits and brown rice, preferring two green salads every day for lunch and dinner. When Beatty went back for his four-month checkup after starting his recovery diet, he learned that his health was almost back to normal. His PSA ratings had decreased from 17 to 0.5. Not only was he healthier, but his energy increased as well. His doctor told him his inflamed lymph nodes were back to normal. “It was an exciting situation, with such encouraging results!” Beatty said. “Everything about my body has improved. I’m thankful for the doctors, modern medicine, the natural foods that God created and for all the prayers of the community. My church had prayer every night for two weeks. Now I feel better than ever! Somewhere between those hormone shots, prayers and that Hallelujah Recovery Diet is a miracle for me and my family, and I thank God for that.” Beatty will be married 54 years to his wife, Jo Ann, in December. The Clevelanders have two children, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
For more information on the Hallelujah Recovery Diet, click here! Click here to read the article in the Cleveland Daily Banner.

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