Pastor Revamps Church Cafe With The Hallelujah Diet

Pastor Revamps Church Cafe With The Hallelujah Diet

No more coffee and doughnuts before the service! After adopting The Hallelujah Diet, a Louisiana pastor is on a mission to bring hope and healing to his entire congregation.
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I rejoice each week with the testimonies people send me telling of the incredible health improvements they have experienced as a result of adopting The Hallelujah Diet. Today's testimonies begin with a church trying to help others improve their diet and lifestyle. May their numbers increase!
“Dear Rev. Malkmus, The pastor of our church completely changed diets a year and a half ago. Our church, Victory Fellowship in Metairie, Louisiana used to have a coffee shop called ‘Café Joel’. It used to serve coffee, but now serves fresh vegetable juice, power juice, power balls, and other healthy fare – mostly organic. At a special woman’s service called ‘Mary’s Song’, our women’s rehab ministry serves two different kinds of fresh salads, fresh vegetable juices, and organic ‘power balls’ after the service. When two ladies went to the counter and asked to buy potato chips, they were told that the Pastor had removed them from the menu. Our Pastor also disciples women with ‘Mind, Body, & Spirit’ classes before the Wednesday night service. Taking it even further, the ‘Mary’s Song’ students eat fresh, organic, and whole foods only. They do not eat any ‘white’ or processed foods as their bodies are healing from addictions. It takes courage and conviction to do the right thing, but it is possible. Our pastor could be the catalyst for healthy change in other churches. Finally Rev. Malkmus, I hope that one day you can visit our church and share your ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’ message, and that God will bless me with the opportunity to visit your ministry, too. Praying God’s continued blessings on your ministry.” Lana R., Metairie, Louisiana
“Hi Dr. Malkmus, not long ago I came across your book ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’. Intrigued, I ask if I could borrow it and, over the next four days, read it from cover to cover. Then I read your book ‘Why Christians Get Sick’. Thank you for the encouragement and enlightening truths you have written for the strengthening of the Christian community. My mother was recently diagnosed with cancer but our heavenly Father spared her from the machinations of the medical professionals who wanted to begin chemotherapy and radiation immediately. Fortunately my dad had asked my older brother Jeremiah to take her to the clinic. Jeremiah took her down and after the results were discussed, the doctor wanted to begin treatments immediately. Thanks be to God, my brother had knowledge about the nutritional, non-invasive methods for combating the cancer, as taught by Hallelujah Acres. It is interesting that, in order to help mother, we have all joined her in going vegan as a result. There are 14 children in my parent’s family and we have all committed to do this diet together. In helping others, we ourselves are also being helped. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 17. Another younger sister also has Type 1 diabetes. Shortly after adopting The Hallelujah Diet my insulin dependence decreased significantly – Praise the Lord. This is so exciting, because at the beginning of the year I had uncontrollable diabetes and fasted and prayed for a solution. I had even surrendered to my husband’s pressure to get an insulin pump when we returned from vacation. Fortunately my brother Jeremiah got hold of me when we returned from vacation and told me about The Hallelujah Diet before I got an insulin pump. The end result – my own prayer request for healing of my diabetes was answered by helping my mother. Thank you for this GOOD NEWS message that is restoring health to our entire family. HALLELUJAH!” Stephanie D.

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