Passing on the Health Benefits

Passing on the Health Benefits

I have been on The Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle for going on three years now and as a result of making this diet and lifestyle change have lost 40 pounds in weight, been able to go off all my medications, am sleeping like a baby, my skin tags have fallen off, and my skin is now soft and beautiful. Before making the diet change my triglycerides and cholesterol readings were both off the charts, but not long after making the diet and lifestyle change both readings were perfectly normal. We met Bev and Chet Cook in Congerville, Illinois last evening and my husband and I are attending their three-day seminar. My husband, who is a pastor, and has been juicing carrots every morning with me, eating better and walking an hour a day with me, took lots of notes last evening and is so excited about going back tonight. We also have eleven children on the Hallelujah Diet. I believe God will use us to encourage many to correct bad lifestyles. I am so excited. My daughter-in-law has already started the Hallelujah Diet and her daughter loves her carrot juice. Today I spent two hours explaining the diet to a couple in our church whose two year old daughter has been to the emergency room for constipation and diaper rash. They want me to pick them up a Green Star Juicer tonight at the seminar. Thank you Dr. Malkmus for all you and Hallelujah Acres are doing to improve the health of God’s people. I have wanted to take the Health Minister Training for years and now that my husband is on board it looks like we may both be taking Health Minister Training in September in Chicago. Melony E., Illinois
I am currently at Day #14 following your 60 Days to Reclaim Your Health program on the internet and enjoying it so much. Thank you for making this wonderful program available at no cost. Thus far I have been able to overcome my addiction to nicotine, caffeine, alcohol and animal products. Keep up the good work. I hope to visit Hallelujah Acres in the very near future. Michael W.
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