Parents Should Not Be Forced to Vaccinate Their Kids

Parents Should Not Be Forced to Vaccinate Their Kids

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In another article regarding vaccines, Newsmax Health shared more information concerning childhood vaccines this past week. This new article begins by stating, “The growing outbreak of measles tied to unvaccinated children has led to new calls from doctors and public health officials to tighten vaccine practices in the U.S. But Phoenix cardiologist Jack Wolfson, M.D., says “decisions should be left to parents to decide, when it comes to vaccinating children.” Dr. Wolfson goes on to say “I don’t believe anything should be mandatory.” In the article, Dr. Wolfson – a board-certified cardiologist who uses nutrition and supplements to prevent and treat disease — gives the reasons why he is against vaccinations. One of these reasons is because “I’m getting letters from all over the world supporting me” because “Mothers of vaccine injured children and natural doctors, they are all hearing the same thing.” “Nobody likes to see children sick, certainly me ... I just don’t believe the answer is to inject the entire population, trying to get rid of things like chickenpox that rarely caused any problems and even measles, mumps, and rubella. “These are really just simple childhood infections that rarely cause problems and if we change the focus to a healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle, that we can really do, that’s going to be the best results for our children as far as their health.” “I’m continuing to fight for parents’ rights, for informed consent, for informed decisions, for research, but I tell you, once you talk to hundreds and hundreds of mothers of vaccine injured children, what else do you need?”

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My question continues to be: Did God build inside each of our bodies a means of protection from the germs, viruses and bacteria of this world? I answer that question with a resounding YES! He built into each of our bodies an immune system, which was designed by God to protect us from all these outside negative influences. As I said in last week’s Health Tip - When I was a child growing up back in the 1930’s and 1940’s we didn’t have all the vaccines we have today. I remember having chickenpox and then mumps and measles at the same time. (I wanted to get them over with quickly). Yes, we had the occasional cold and maybe the flu, but we got over them without any ill effects and our immune system became stronger as a result. But all this tampering with the immune system with vaccines (and all the toxic materials accompany these vaccines) has weakened the immune system, producing chronic illnesses in our children, along with neurological problems we didn’t have to contend with back when I was growing up. For over 23 years I have been promoting a healthy diet, which creates a strong and resilient immune system, without the use of vaccinations. This strong immune system centers around a healthy vegan diet along with lots of physical exercise. For more information on raising healthy children let me recommend you obtain a copy of: Pregnancy, Children and the Hallelujah Diet written by Olin Idol, ND, CNC. Excellent resources regarding vaccines can be found here.

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