OH CRUD!  I Messed Up

OH CRUD! I Messed Up

Is Your Health Turnaround on course?

We can go for years, bouncing around, feeling “OFF”; Feeling lazy. Mostly settling.

Though, finally, somehow, we quiet our mind, and figure out what we really want. We decide to eliminate all the distractions that have held us back. We get motivated. We like our new path. We have finally got our act together.

It feels so good to have our lives pulled together. It feels good to have a plan and make strides. We sail along feeling so positive. Sure, there are obstacles. But we can think through them and ingeniously conquer them.

Then . . . something happens. We get off course.

When we mess up and veer off track, it can be so annoying.

Example 1: We tell ourselves we will never eat ice cream again and we sit down and eat an entire pint.

Example 2: We have an awesome exercise regimen and then we quit exercising for several weeks because we are spending too much time searching the net and other time-snatchers.

Example 3: We succumb to a craving or addition that offers no value to our calling. That voice that said, “Just One More of those containers of ice cream won’t hurt” was probably just a con trying to get you to lose control. (Any time you hear that, “Just One More” voice, it could be leading you to a downfall. Be on guard.)

There could be countless reasons we get off our path, and it usually feels bad. It can feel frightening. It may even feel . . . as ominous as this sounds . . . demonic. Like we have had an attack from a dark place that does not want us to succeed. We can even feel like we are battling our own mind. We can have cravings so strong THEY want to rule our lives.

It happens, though. Sometimes we mess up. We get weak. But we can get back up, more determined than ever and get right back on that centered, joyful life!

Here are a few ways to get back on the path when we fall off.

  1. Acknowledge the pitfall and feel annoyed by it. Redirect the mind to something noble and positive, as quickly as possible.
  2. Pray, read scripture, and KNOW that the Lord can and does deliver. AMEN.
  3. Resist destructive temptations! This cannot be stressed enough. The flesh is weak. If you LOVE those thick icing glazed honey buns at the bakery, DO NOT go in that bakery. In fact, don’t even go down the street that bakery is on. (You could squash half of an avocado on top of cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread. Or you could just peel and pit the avocado and eat it by itself!)

You DO NOT have to let ANYTHING or ANYBODY hold you down! Learn from a mistake and resolve to never let it happen again.

We all get off the path because life has so many twists and turns. The world and even our own flesh can want to defeat us, but that innermost Holy Spirit within wants victory. We must regroup and focus on becoming what we know we can be.

If you have a serious addition, consider professional help. Countless people have beat their addictions and so can you!

Did you know the brain can be “rewired” It is called neuroplasticity. The human brain can form new connections and change how its circuits are wired.* There are many books and articles explaining this topic. There are many ways to overcome those thinking patterns that need rerouting!

Why not seek, with the help of Almighty God, to demolish EVERY stronghold. Let’s face it, you know what you want. Don’t settle for just existing. Recommit to your most fervent desires and get the health and the life you desire!

* https://positivepsychology.com/neuroplasticity/

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