Nurse For 22 Years: "Most Tests and Treatments Are Wrong!"

Nurse For 22 Years: "Most Tests and Treatments Are Wrong!"

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George, you are my hero and a like mind! People don’t understand when you don’t follow the doctor’s advice so I try not to discuss things. It’s because I want quality of life! I’ve worked in the medical field for 22 years as an RN I should probably add. Most treatments and tests are unnecessary or wrong, or at least don’t address the core issue. Seriously can’t believe how little doctors and dentists know about health! Keep going George!” ~ Janet
“I really enjoy reading what you print about food, etc. May God continue to bless you in His service!” ~ Gayle H.
“Thank you for the information on your daily routine this is a big help to how my daily menu will be planned out. I have followed your information on BarleyMax since 1994 and my immune system has been very strong but how to eat daily I did not know. you are a blessing to me and many others. Keep up the good work. God is blessing you.” ~ Stephlyn
“I live in Nigeria. After reading your book ‘The Hallelujah Diet’, I have been trying to change my diet, though not all, but the little I tried has really helped me to control my weight and keep me healthy. When I also read the Hallelujah Menu table, I discovered that we do not have most of those fruits and ingredients that are required for the menu in Nigeria. I bless God for your life and pray that God will continue to use you.” ~ Rebecca O., Nigeria
Hallelujah Acres Responds: “Rebecca, I am happy to say we have a branch of The Hallelujah Diet in Nigeria and that they will be able to help you modify the diet as needed. Click here for their website.

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