Now In Chinese — Why Christians Get Sick

Now In Chinese — Why Christians Get Sick

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Rev. Malkmus wrote his first book,“Why Christians Get Sick”, in 1988 on a typewriter. Not able to find a publisher to publish the book, he self-published it in 1989. In 1997, the book was picked up by Destiny Image Publishers in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. Thus far, in the English language alone, over one million copies are now in print! Romanian, Korean, and Polish versions have also been printed, and just recently it has been published in Chinese! Following is the wording found on the back cover of the book:
Can people be free from physical illness? Are cancer and other life-threatening diseases avoidable? What can a person do to avoid sickness, from allergies to asthma to Alzheimer's? Rev. George Malkmus had similar questions on his mind when, at age 42, he was diagnosed with colon cancer. “How could this be?” he asked the Lord. “How can a Christian get cancer?” What Rev. Malkmus discovered not only brought healing to his own body, but also answered many questions asked by believers all over the world, including “Why Christians Get Sick”. In this candid, easy-to-understand book, Rev. Malkmus shares his knowledge and insight with you as you discover:
  • The diet given to us directly from God as written in the Bible
  • How to live a healthy life according to His plan – the life He intended for you.
  • The foods you should and shouldn’t eat.
And much more: Apply this eye opening knowledge, Christian or not, and become free from almost every physical problem known to man.
Here are some reviews of "Why Christians Get Sick":
"Book is a gem giving facts and Biblical references to support the facts. I read in one sitting but intend to go back and really study and apply during the second reading." ~ B. E. "I recommend this book because very few books actually try to explain why we are in poor health. Many people miss the point and buy into the mainstream generalizations of why so many of us are having medical problems. I am not a religious person, but found his book a good read because I think he is on the right track. I thank him for his contribution." ~ V. Moore "This was a good buy, and the content will develop good habits! Learn from an authoritative source Why People Get Sick!" ~ Dennis G. "I wish I had read this book years ago. I had only a few health issues but my husband has been fighting bladder/bone/lymphoma cancer for over 14 years. We could not get his body alkaline until we followed this diet. We had learned years ago that cancer can't live in an alkaline environment. This way of eating got his body alkaline. He hasn't felt this good in years. His blood pressure medicine had to be reduced to only 1/4 of the prescription. His doctors are thrilled with his turn around. This book and its information could just possibly save your life or that of a loved one. Please try it and stick with it." ~ Becky P. "This book has helped me with my many health issues more than any other method of treatment I have tried. It shows what foods and fuel our bodies were created to run the most efficiently on. Just as we would not put sugar or any other substance in our automobile gas tank and expect it to run efficiently or to even run at all – so we should not put dead, processed, sugary, chemicalized, and pasteurized, hormone treated substances in our bodies and expect it to run efficiently and in health and not to get sick. It takes a look into the Bible to see what the Maker of our bodies said to eat in Genesis 1:29. It is like a guideline or a manual that instructs us in the way to health." ~ Lynda K. "I recommend this Malkmus work for the alternative health-minded. The author is the founder of the Hallelujah Diet and as it is with all that advocate natural health/healing, he's been strongly criticized but his instruction is completely sensible. All one has to do is try it to feel the difference, which cannot be argued against." ~ Julz G. "He's so HUMBLE but he gets right to the point without mincing words. He's very courageous to share his lifelong experiences. It really makes you think - and ACT! Thank you for sharing the wisdom of your personal blessings. Your life is a GIFT to everyone." ~ D. K.
For more information or to purchase "Why Christians Get Sick" in English, click here!

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