Not All Fast Food Is The Same

Not All Fast Food Is The Same

Fast food is not exclusive to North America. Other countries have their versions. But North American fast food seems to be the most dangerous no matter where it is consumed! New findings from a heath study of people living in Singapore confirm that people who eat American-style fast food more than 2 times a week are subject to an "increased risk (27%) of developing type 2 diabetes ... and dying (56%) of coronary heart disease" compared to those who abstain from it. Worse yet, those who ate the junk 4 or more times a week had an 80% increased risk of cardiac death. "With globalization," the researchers said, "This way of eating is becoming more common in developing and recently developed populations." Surprisingly, the Singaporeans' style of fast food did not provide the same risks. Dim sum, noodles, and dumplings did not cause a rise in numbers of type 2 diabetes and cardiac deaths. “It wasn’t their own snacks that was putting them at increased risk, but American-style fast food,” the researchers said. And get this... eating American fast food in places like Singapore is a status symbol. Clearly, fast food is America's most dangerous export. On the flipside, however, The Hallelujah Diet is making inroads internationally as well. Just this week, we received a large number of testimonies from people in Africa who had recognized the failings of their own cultural diet and returned to God's original diet. We're now hearing stories of breast and colon cancer healings across the continent! It just goes to show that, no matter where you live, your dietary choices matter — and that God's way is always the best way. What's the weirdest international fast food you know of?

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