No More Sleep Apnea!

No More Sleep Apnea!

“I was suffering with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and a chronic form of Epstein-Barr virus. I first noticed the symptoms 5 years ago after I started on the Atkins Diet. Then the symptoms gradually worsened with time as more symptoms began to plague me. This past summer, I became so ill, I was unable to work or even drive. The doctors kept prescribing more and more different drugs, but my symptoms only grew worse. I believe these new symptoms were the side effects of the drugs. Finally, the doctors told me that they just couldn’t seem to find the right drug for my symptoms, that there was no cure for my ailments, and that I would have to live with these problems the rest of my life. I wasn’t willing to accept what these doctors were saying! I was only 26 years old, and knew I couldn’t live so ill and debilitated for the rest of my life. At this point, I had become so frustrated with modern medicine, that when I heard about what the Hallelujah Diet had done for so many others, my husband and I decided to jump into this new diet 100% and give it a try. We started on the Hallelujah Diet in August and within the first 2 weeks experienced dramatic results! At the 3-week mark, I discontinued all my medicines, and started exercising! After one month on the diet, most of the rest of my symptoms were gone, and I had lots of energy, and clarity of mind, and returned to work - hallelujah! My husband, on the Hallelujah Diet, has lost some weight and been cured of sleep apnea! Another hallelujah! Now, just 3 months after making the diet change, both my husband and I are feeling great, and eagerly tell everyone who will listen how God has healed us through this lifestyle! As a result of sharing God’s health message, six other people have started the Hallelujah Diet, while many others are considering it. I want to attend Health Minister Training because I want to help others understand that they don't have to be sick. ~ Lynnae H.

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