My New Year’s resolutions are underway!

My New Year’s resolutions are underway!

By Melody Hord Not long ago, I pulled out my “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” book. I am convinced of what caused the amazing health surge for George Malkmus. Here’s what I read: ”So overnight, I changed my meat-centered, cooked and processed food diet with plenty of sugar desserts, to an all-RAW diet with lots of carrot juice. I stayed on this total RAW diet for approximately one year. I DIDN’T EAT ANY COOKED FOOD DURING THAT YEAR…JUST RAW FRUITS, RAW VEGETABLES AND ONE TO TWO QUARTS A DAY OF FRESHLY EXTRACTED, RAW CARROT JUICE.” (emphasis mine) The results were spectacular! Almost immediately I started to get well! In less than one year, my tumor had totally disappeared! It simply got smaller and smaller until it was gone. But that was not all. In less than one year, every physical problem I had been experiencing also disappeared! Such physical problems as hemorrhoids, hypoglycemia, severe allergies and sinus problems, high blood pressure, fatigue, pimples, colds, flu…even body odor and dandruff were gone! Totally healed!” p.25 Enzyme-rich raw foods; that’s what helped make the life-changing difference. As time progressed, and George began sharing his life-giving message, he noticed how folks longed for their cooked food. He felt that partaking in a SMALL amount of cooked plant foods could help prevent people from wanting to eat unhealthy foods. Cooked food has some values. It may help prevent excessive weight loss, and provide certain nutrients that are prevalent when cooked. The adult version of the Hallelujah Diet is 15% cooked foods, 85% RAW. Some people’s digestive tracts can’t handle raw foods. I have noticed that my digestive tract prefers I blend or process (pulverize into miniscule pieces) my raw foods. I blend raw foods and eat them like soup, a smoothie, or vegan pâté. I confess, I have WAY overindulged in cooked foods over the years. They are so alluring. But, over the last few months, I have experimented with many raw food recipes and realized they speak for themselves, and can definitely replace my cooked favorites! Does raw food taste like cooked food? NO! Do blended salads taste like steak and potatoes? NO! They never will. But just like anything in life, it is my CHOICE to adjust my expectations and standards. I know, though, that the RAW foods are what provides my body with what is necessary for it to thrive in a way that cooked foods can’t. My New Year’s resolution is to recommit to a primarily RAW foods diet. I have experimented with some different diets over the years, but my heart of hearts is ready to get serious about raw foods. This type of eating requires conscious effort and discipline. My nephew is an awesome musician. The way he perfects his craft is by setting goals. He decides what he wants to learn and gives himself a timeframe to learn it. Without his goal setting, he would not be where he is today. I am viewing my diet resolution as a goal. I am committing to a mostly raw diet for 1 year. (What if George had stopped after 3 months? Would he be alive today?) I am prepared to achieve my goals with the following tools: 1: A VitaMix Blender. For the past year or so, I have used an inexpensive blender. It was the pits at tearing into raw foods. My soups and smoothies were course and grainy. I feel that a Vitamix will help me better prepare my raw foods, to ultimately achieve my daily goals. Make It Simple Blended Salad (A blended salad is simply blending your normal salad ingredients into your desired consistency. Herbs can be added to easily adjust flavor. Below though is a variation – Remember, there isn’t a right or wrong, other than to use healthy, RAW ingredients.) Makes around 1 and 2/3 cups Blend the following ingredients until creamy: A couple extra-large handfuls arugula or spinach 8-9 large mint leaves 1 Tbsp. lime juice 1/3 cup almonds, soaked overnight in water, soak water discarded 1 cup water or amount for desired consistency
  1. A KitchenAid Food Processor: I am going to enjoy raw wraps filled with processed (shredded, sliced, and chopped) vegetables and soaked nuts. My husband has informed me that he wants his wraps made with cooked rice. I will cook him rice. I’ll stay raw.
3: A CitriStar Juicer. Fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice enhance my raw soups. 4: A Tribest Fresh Life Sprouter. In the book “Becoming Raw, The Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Diets”, we are told that sprouting has shown to increase the phytochemical content in various plants. Young broccoli sprouts showed 50 times more glucoraphanin than mature broccoli! You can be sure I’m taking advantage of the high nutrition profile of sprouts on my raw food journey! They are cheap, a breeze to cultivate and can even be juiced. I can finally visualize how to make this all work without complicating it, or even resenting it. Furthermore, with a recent invigorating and educating piano lesson from my nephew, I am going to play the piano in 2018, practicing at least 1 hour a day, 3 times a week. I have already learned the chords to a Vince Gill song, “I Still Believe in You”. Love that song! Raw eating and piano playing…worthy goals for 2018. What ignites you for the coming year?

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