Is education the key to longevity?

New Data "Reveals" the Three Secrets to Longevity

The miraculous self-healing body can find longevity through a primarily raw, plant-based diet.
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The key to longevity lies within each and every one of us. Gifted with miraculous self-healing bodies from God - when we take care of them - we as human beings have the ability to live long, healthy lives. Beginning in the Garden of Eden, the human body was granted the power to protect and heal itself, according to the Rev. Malkmus. By His design, the body has great potential when it is taken care of and fueled by the plants of the earth. Following a predominantly raw, plant-based diet, consuming purified water, adding a few dietary supplements to your nutrition and incorporating regular exercise to your daily routine are the best ways to ensure a life of good health. The Big Revelation Reaffirming the notion that physical activity leads to a longer life, a major study conducted by researchers at the University of Edinburgh points to two other keys for longevity, reported Newsmax. Though hardly a secret, eliminating smoking from one's life can greatly increase his or her life expectancy. The report concluded that habitual smoking of a pack per day throughout one's life could take off as many as seven years. In addition to cutting out addictive habits including smoking and engaging in physical activity on a regular basis, the study revealed that education is an important factor when it comes to an increased lifespan. Researchers chose to focus on determining longevity factors through genetics, analyzing 600,000 people from 25 different nations. The genetic information of each individual was reviewed next to the same information from each of their parents.
Researchers studied DNA of participants to determine how genetics impact longevity. Researchers studied DNA of participants to determine how genetics impact longevity.
As Science Daily explained, the study was able to determine what impact and to what extent genes have on life expectancy. This was possible as participants had 50 percent of the same genetic information as their mother and father. Study results revealed that for every year spent studying or educating oneself beyond highschool, nearly one year is added on to life expectancy. People who are accepting of new places and experiences are also more likely to have an increased lifespan, according to the study. Education and Longevity The notion that education can help to increase lifespan isn't new. Each finding merely builds on the previous. In 2012 researchers of a study published in the journal Health Affairs revealed strong results on the connection between the two. "The lifelong relationships of education and its with health and longevity are striking," wrote the researchers. Providing access to the necessary tools and material, education enables people to make healthy lifestyle choices and better manage sickness and chronic illness, according to U.S. News & World Report. By being able to make the right choices for nutrition, physical activity, health and disease, people are more likely to lead longer lives. The researchers from the aforementioned study also highlighted how education can better help individuals manage stress.
Lifelong education is the key to longevity.Lifelong education is the key to longevity.
Demonstrating just how important education is to longevity, the study revealed the disparities across race and ethnicities. And rather than improving, the differences in life expectancies have only continued to increase over time. At Hallelujah Acres, education is the cornerstone of the Hallelujah Diet. From the daily health news blogs and monthly webinars to our ever-growing library of books written by our leading Hallelujah Diet team, the goal for us and for our followers is constant learning and growing. The journey toward a healthy lifestyle and living a primarily raw, plant-based diet requires continuous education and exploration. While this new report may have revealed the three "secrets" to longevity, you can find them right here at Hallelujah Acres. Through a primarily raw, plant-based diet, regular exercise, proper supplemental nutrition and lifelong education, you can gain the key to longevity.

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