Never Give Up!

Never Give Up!

Dolly knows what it's like to adopt The Hallelujah Diet only to become complacent. Discover what happened and why she'll never give up again!
I hope you enjoy these testimonies each week as much as I do! They inspire me to keep on sharing them, and challenge me to continue proclaiming God’s health message, to the end that there will continue to be a flow of these testimonies coming from those who have applied The Hallelujah Diet to their lives and experienced the incredible power of nourishing their bodies the way God designed them to be nourished.
“Rev. Malkmus, When I was first introduced to Hallelujah Acres through your paper publication ‘Back to the Garden’ in 1999, it took me 2 years to believe what I was reading. That is until I was diagnosed with diabetes, and the fear of that diagnosis and the out of control glucose readings caused me to jump into The Hallelujah Diet with both feet. For two years I was consistent with the diet, to the point where my doctor was able to take me off insulin. Sadly, after seeing this incredible improvement, I started to slack off on the diet and lo-and-behold, I had another scare with once-again rising glucose readings. Once again I returned to the strict Hallelujah Diet and once again my glucose readings returned to normal. This personal experience has resulted in experiencing a great warfare in my mind. I now want to help others by not only encouraging them to adopt The Hallelujah Diet, but also by sharing my struggles, in an effort to encourage them to not only give the diet a chance, but to encourage them to not to give up even if at first they don’t succeed. I believe God can use this gift of teaching that he has so graciously provided me to help others live in the fullness of health He designed for us all. It has now been over 5 years that I have been medication-free. But in addition to the wonderful healing I received as a result of making this diet and lifestyle change, I have been healed of an adrenal gland problem and experienced a weight loss of 46 pounds.” Dolly L., Vacaville, California
“Since adopting The Hallelujah Diet just six months ago I have lost 20 pounds. But in addition to this weight loss, I have seen my blood pressure reduce from 190/90 to 125/62, and this reduction in blood pressure is after I had been off my blood pressure medications for over a month. I have learned that through Christ, all things are possible, even in the restoring of one’s health, when we add feet to our prayers by adopting God’s original diet as found in Genesis 1:29.” Merwyn L., Emmaus, Pennsylvania
“The Hallelujah Diet is contagious! I am 21-years-old and have been on The Hallelujah Diet for 2 years now and my co-workers know all about what they consider my ‘strange’ diet. In an effort to get me to spend the night with them at camp, six of them all in their 20s, told me that they wanted to have a vegetable juice party late at night by the campfire. Their effort gained my acceptance to spend the night at camp and we had a lot of fun. We juiced carrots, kale, sweet potatoes and parsley; but the best part about it was that all of us were eating healthy. Also, I wanted to say that all those days of struggle trying to renew my body took a lot of struggle trying to renew my mind to eating a healthy diet. As a result of renewing my mind, I was able to renew my body and even though I am only 21-years-old, I now feel younger than I have ever felt in my life. I now enjoy every vegetable I place in my body. Thank you!” Christopher H.
“Dear George, You have become a part of our family. In conversations regarding health it is often said ‘George would be proud of ya’.” Craig N., Newport, Victoria, Australia

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