Natural Ways to Seek Relief During Menstruation

Natural Ways to Seek Relief During Menstruation

Here are a few ways we suggest easing the pain that comes with your period.
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Many women struggle with cramps and various other symptoms that come with monthly menstruation, making it difficult to perform daily tasks without feeling uncomfortable. Instead of seeking relief from over-the-counter medications that come with harmful side effects, however, there are many natural ways to overcome the harsh feelings that abruptly knock on your door every month. Here are a few ways we suggest easing the pain that comes with your period: 1. Be Mindful of Your Diet According to Natural Fertility Breakthrough, junk foods cause the creation and distribution of inflammatory prostaglandins, which often enhances period pain in women. Avoiding refined sugars and processed foods can reduce cramps drastically.

"Choose natural foods that can decrease prostaglandins."

Instead, choose natural foods that can decrease prostaglandins with omega-3 fatty acids and foods high in vitamin D. Olive oil nuts, berries, citrus and dark leafy greens are recommended by Organic Authority. 2. Increase Your Magnesium Intake Magnesium also plays a vital role in controlling menstrual pain, according to Carina Parikh, MScN, MSiMR. "Magnesium is a key nutrient for preventing water retention, which is known to contribute to menstrual pain, so eating foods such as bananas, pumpkin seeds and dark leafy greens can also help with this," she suggested. 3. Exercise Regularly Exercising while you experience period cramps isn't going to be helpful - in fact, you probably won't work up the motivation to do so anyway - but working out throughout the rest of the month can reduce pain during menstruation. Christina Major, a MS holistic nutritionist, told Organic Authority that engaging your core muscles and abs can drastically change your period cramps. "The better toned and active your lower abdominal muscles are, the better in control of your cramps you will be," she said.
Exercise your abdomen throughout the month to reduce cramps during your period.Exercise your abdomen throughout the month to reduce cramps during your period.
4. Use Topical Heat Another simple and natural way to relieve cramps is by applying topical heat to your abdomen. This can involve taking a hot shower, drawing a warm bath or placing a hot compress on your stomach while you relax. Drinking hot organic herbal tea can also work wonders. Consider Luminology Down the Road Several years before menopause, you'll start to notice irregular periods, hot flashes, differences in your emotional well-being and more. Those are normal signs that indicate perimenopause. To reduce these symptoms, you may consider Balance, a staple supplement in our series of Luminology products. It's clinically proven to reduce these symptoms in most women and help prepare your body for menopause down the road. Learn more about the science behind our other Luminology products today.

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