Consider these natural methods for combating menopause.

Natural Remedies For Menopause Symptoms

Discover natural remedies for reducing the severity of menopause-related symptoms.

Menopause is an unavoidable part of life, but, if approached with care and managed with the right tools, you have the power to reduce the severity of symptoms. Taking care of your body and managing the foods you put into your body can have a lot to do with the side effects of menopause. There are even several natural ways to improve the way you feel during peri-menopause all the way through post-menopause.

Consider these natural methods for combating the symptoms of menopause:

Plant-Based Diet
God intended the body be fueled with the Genesis 1:29 diet, which has the power to promote the natural self-healing mechanisms in each of us. Most of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that the body needs to thrive are in the raw plants and foods of the earth. When the body is thrown off balance - for any number of reasons - it has more trouble focusing on that self-healing ability. During menopause, mood swings, hot flashes and irritability can make it hard to feel like you have a grasp on your body. However, when you nourish with a primarily raw, plant-based diet, it makes it that much easier to take control over your body and your symptoms.

This supports research on how women living in Asia, who for years have followed a primarily raw, plant-based diet, experience menopause symptoms that are much less severe than their Western counterparts, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine explained. This may be because women on a diet high in fat and low in fiber have heightened estrogen levels; their symptoms are more severe when the body stops producing estrogen during menopause. Women who have already been on a relatively raw diet and thus getting lots of fiber and not as much fat, don't experience such a sharp decrease in estrogen, the PCRM explained. This could be a likely reason symptoms of menopause are so much less severe, if apparent at all.

It's especially important to avoid packaged foods during menopause.It's especially important to avoid packaged foods during menopause.

According to Dr. Axe of Food is Medicine, the worst thing you can put into your body when dealing with symptoms of menopause is processed and packaged food. In addition to toxins and synthetic additives found in commercially prepared food, there are other ingredients that can contribute to the body's hormone imbalance. Similarly, most farm-raised meat is filled with hormones. Avoiding poultry, especially when going through symptoms of menopause, is advised.

There are many dietary supplements that have been shown to help improve a woman's health and comfort during menopause, PCRM reported. When choosing to supplement, it is important to ensure that you're choosing natural options that are safe and have proven their effectiveness.

"Breeze by Luminology™ was designed specifically to soothe menopause symptoms."

The Hallelujah Diet's line of Luminology products were created to help women overcome the symptoms related to all three stages of menopause not just comfortably, but while feeling their best. Driven by research, the design of each product intentionally targets certain symptoms. For example, Breeze by Luminology™ is specifically designed to ease discomfort, reduce hot flashes and night sweats and level the balance of the body's hormones. It has proven to be extremely beneficial in helping to alleviate a number of menopause-related ailments and support health.

The two key ingredients in this product are vitex berry and a superior form of MacaPure®. Vitex berry can help level menstrual cycles while maca - an extremely unique species found only in its natural form in the Andean plateaus of Peru - can improve the balance of hormones and works as an adaptogen to minimize stress. The combination of these two can help promote a sense of calm as they work to improve the symptoms of menopause.

Muscle Relaxation
One study conducted in the U.K. found that muscle relaxation in women experiencing hot flashes from breast cancer helped alleviate symptoms, according to Prevention. The group of patients taking part in muscle relaxation were found to have 20 percent fewer hot flashes. The ones they did experience were less symptomatic and intense.

To try the method yourself, lay down in a comfortable position in a quiet space. Then tense and release each group of muscles in your body, from your face and ear muscles all the way down to your feet and toes.

Practice muscle relaxation.Practice muscle relaxation.

Physical Activity
Regular physical activity is beneficial for people of all ages. However, staying active before and during menopause may help to reduce the severity of symptoms experienced. Taking part in your preferred choice of exercise on a regular basis can have both a positive mental and physical impact. While it can be difficult to gather the motivation to get up and get out the door, the endorphins released by exercise can boost your mood and leave you feeling better than before.

As the Menopause Centre reported, aerobic exercise and strength training are two of top recommended forms of exercise for women going through peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause. In addition to helping to fight off disease, physical activity increases bone strength and helps prevent or slow the progression of bone loss. According to Prevention, strength training in particular was shown to reduce both headaches and hot flashes, a published study from the American College of Sports Medicine found.

Implementing these natural practices into your lifestyle even before the onset of menopause can have a big impact on your overall health.

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