Mystery Diagnosis... Solved!

Mystery Diagnosis... Solved!

Here is a wonderful testimony from Faye, who had a physical problem the doctors could not diagnose. But after the doctors had tried all kinds of medications that did not bring healing, Faye found the solution to her undiagnosed problem when she adopted the Hallelujah Diet.
“For the past 5 years I have been very sick. It started with anxiety attacks causing me not to want to be among people. Being a piano teacher this caused a great deal of difficulty for me, especially when it came to holding recitals for my students. “My doctor prescribed various kinds of medications for anxiety. They made it possible for me to function – but just barely. However, after taking these medications for some time my digestive system began to give me trouble. It started with pain in my abdomen. I checked into the hospital for tests, but they couldn’t find anything. Nothing was suggested by the doctors except more prescriptions. The pain became more and more intense until it moved into my legs for which I was given another prescription, and ultimately it became so painful I had to quit my job and could only continue teaching piano by giving lessons in my home. “There were numerous trips to the emergency room because of the pain and all the doctors would do each time was give me another prescription and say ‘try this and see if it helps.’ Nothing did. Finally I was taken to the ER with severe pain in my abdomen and legs. The pain was so bad I thought I was dying. After more tests (and a bill of over $10,000), the doctors said that they couldn’t find anything wrong and gave me another prescription and told me to see my primary doctor and my gastroenterologist. I did. They each gave me another prescription and basically said they could do no more. “That’s when we decided that something else needed to be done. My husband got online and checked out several places where they put you on a different diet and lifestyle. However, most were very expensive and our insurance policy wouldn’t pay for them. Interestingly, the insurance company had been willing to put out many thousands of dollars for drugs, tests, and doctor bills that didn’t work previously, but they were not willing to pay for a diet and lifestyle change that had the potential of offering relief. “Finally my husband stumbled upon a website for the Hallelujah Diet. He was impressed with their friendliness and wiliness to help and their low cost. They also seemed very knowledgeable and we signed up for a week’s stay at the Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in Plant City, Florida. “When we arrived we were welcomed and immediately began a new way of eating. Their program is vegan/organic foods, lots of fresh vegetable juices, along with exercise, sunshine, fresh air and rest. After four days of this program I was able to get rid of all the prescriptions I had been taking. I had no more anxiety, and best of all I had no more pain. I am now walking up to three miles a day and I have my life back. No more pain. No more anxiety. No more prescriptions. Praise God! And thank you Hallelujah Acres.” ~ Faye L., Apopka, Florida

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