My Fitness Experience with BarleyMax and Hallelujah Diet Essential Protein Powder

My Fitness Experience with BarleyMax and Hallelujah Diet Essential Protein Powder

Continue reading to learn about one of our newest follower's journey on these natural supplements
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The following testimonial is from one of our newest Hallelujah Diet product users, Chelsey C. As an avid gym-goer, I'm always interested in trying new supplements that can boost my energy and provide quick recovery after a workout. In the past, I've turned to pre-workout products to jumpstart my fitness routine, but it never ended well. Instead of receiving a refreshing jolt of energy, I found myself pacing back and forth with a pulse that fooled me into thinking my heart was going to pump out of my chest. Upon doing some research - and taking the time to read the label - I found that this supplement was loaded with exponential amounts of caffeine, as well as artificial sweeteners, dyes and plenty of other chemicals I couldn't even pronounce. After my workout, I would also consume non-organic whey protein powder to help my muscles recover. Needless to say, I wasn't interested in taking this product for long, as I found extreme discomfort and digestive problems would arise soon after consumption. After more research, I learned that my protein powder of choice was not only dairy-based, causing my stomach to react negatively, but it was also filled with preservatives, artificial sweeteners and other chemical toxins that, again, I didn't bother attempting to articulate. With all of these issues occurring, I knew I needed to make a change. I had two options: Eliminate supplements from my diet completely, or consider a more natural approach through organic products. That's when I decided to try Hallelujah Diet BarleyMax and Essential Protein Powder. Continue reading to learn about my journey on these natural supplements:

Benefits of BarleyMax

Every morning, I give my body an hour to wake up and then I head to the gym for a 45-minute workout. Instead of mixing up a glass of pre-workout shake or drinking a cup of coffee, I decided to drink a serving of BarleyMax with my breakfast instead. After two full weeks of taking the supplement every morning, I found it to be incredibly beneficial. It Tastes Great I went with Berry-flavored BarleyMax, and immediately praised myself for making the decision. Opening the package up, a fragrant scent of natural berries graced my nose and I couldn't wait to dive in. After consuming the BarleyMax with water, I found that it tasted just as great as it smelled. It Blends Well Whether you're using a blender bottle or an electric mixer to combine your BarleyMax with water or your favorite natural juice, the product comes together with liquid quite effortlessly. My suggestion is to use one of those mixing mechanisms, however, because stirring it in a glass with a spoon may result in a clumpy texture. It Increases My Energy Removing the pre-workout and morning cup of coffee from my life, I was worried that I'd feel drowsy at the gym. That wasn't the case at all! I noticed optimal levels of energy from the minute I started my workout until my drive home from the fitness center.

Benefits of Hallelujah Diet Protein Powder

After completing my workout, I mixed my Sweet Vanilla Hallelujah Diet Essential Protein with eight ounces of water and drank it instantly - remember, it's important to take protein within the 30-minute window after finishing your fitness routine for optimal results! After my two weeks of trying the product, I can say that I'll keep taking it for months to come. The Taste is Natural I found the whey protein powder I tried in the paste to taste very fake - likely due to the amount of artificial sweeteners in the formula. With this product, however, you can tell it's organic. Its sweet vanilla flavor tastes natural - delicious, satisfying and relieving. It Blends Almost Effortlessly Just like BarleyMax, I found that using a shaker bottle to blend my Essential Protein was quick and almost effortless. Those interested in using an electric mixer will find the blend to be even smoother and creamier. It's Easily Digestible My initial problem with whey protein was that it often left me feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Because Hallelujah Diet Essential Protein is an organic blend of dry peas, rice, and chia seeds, it was easily digestible. You don't have to worry about finding soy, lactose, dairy, eggs or artificial preservatives in this product.

Conclusion: Say Yes to Both!

In my self-assessed testing, I found that both products not only tasted great, but made me feel substantially healthier as well. I believe that it's important to fuel your body with a healthy diet and maintain it with daily exercise, but going the extra mile and taking organic supplements is worthwhile. It's satisfying to know that I won't have to worry about feeling overly anxious before a workout, and digestively distracted after. Instead, I'll feel holistically healthy.

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