Do Microwave Ovens Increase Your Risk of Cancer?

Do Microwave Ovens Increase Your Risk of Cancer?

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Most Americans have a microwave oven in their home, because it is very convenient to throw some food in the microwave and have it warm within a matter of moments. Microwaves are very convenient and they are also an efficient use of energy within the home, and most people believe that microwaves are safe to use. Even though microwaves are found in most homes and restaurants, research has shown that the use of these kitchen appliances could potentially be harmful to your health. In fact, some researchers have suggested that microwaves might increase your risk of cancer. Here are a few reasons why you should stop using your microwave:

Reduces Nutritional Value of the Food

When you eat food, you want to ensure that the ingredients contain as many vitamins, minerals, and enzymes as possible, because those nutrients are key elements that your body needs to maintain good health. Many people don’t realize that they are suffering from nutrient deficiencies, and it is likely that your immune system will be weakened and your body will have a harder time preventing and reversing serious illnesses and disease, such as cancer. Microwaved food has been altered to the point where the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals have been reduced. The food is stripped of the health benefits, so the body is getting little or no benefit when you eat the food. Some compounds have been altered to the point that the body is unable to absorb them, so those compounds are stored as toxins within the body.

Cancerous Free Radical Development

The minerals within the food are often altered into free radicals, and those free radicals have the potential to cause cancerous cell growth. When you eat food that has been cooked in the microwave, you are exposing your body to higher amounts of free radicals, which in turn increases your risk of developing cancer.

Physical Symptoms from Eating Microwaved Food

Eating a meal that was warmed in the microwave won’t immediately produce negative health symptoms, although continued use of the microwave can lead to health problems over time. Here are some of the health problems that are possible if you are eating food cooked or warmed in the microwave:
  • Emotional instability
  • Memory loss
  • Immune system deficiencies
  • Tumor growth
  • Hormone problems
  • Brain damage

Cooking Healthy Meals without the Microwave

If you are used to cooking meals in the microwave, then it might be hard to make the transition to cooking using only the stovetop and oven. You can find tasty recipes that can be easily prepared without the microwave in the Unravel the Mystery Recipe Book. Also, learn more about other daily habits that might be increasing your risk of cancer: read Unravel the Mystery, by Ann Malkmus, for more information.

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