Did you know that medical mistakes and reactions to doctor-prescribed medications are one of the leading causes of death in the country?

Mercury in Vaccines

Did you know that medical mistakes and reactions to doctor-prescribed medications are one of the leading causes of death in the country?

For decades, millions of vulnerable children and adults have relied on medications to nurse them from sickness back to health. But did you know that more than 106,000 Americans die every year from the adverse effects of doctor-prescribed drugs? According to what Rev. Malkmus wrote in Michael Dye's book, "Vaccinations: Deceptions & Tragedy, The Truth About Vaccines and the Dangers They Pose," medical mistakes and reactions to doctor-prescribed medications are some of the leading causes of death in the country.

"Another modality in the world's medical system is vaccinations!" he wrote. "These are toxic substances that are shot directly into the bloodstream of precious and helpless little babies (as well as adults), allegedly to protect them from various diseases that they may possibly come into contact with sometime during their lifetimes. Are there potential risks in vaccinations? You bet there are! And multitudes have died or have been seriously and permanently maimed as a result."

Mercury in Vaccines
Mercury - thimerosal - is one of the harmful poisons that's been injected into humans for decades, and continues to be to this day. And while so-called health experts believe the trace amounts of mercury found in vaccines cannot cause harm, we beg to differ.

In fact, we're not the only ones. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., chairman of the World Mercury Project, held a press conference in February to discuss how harmful mercury truly is.

"Genes do not cause neurological disease, you need an environmental toxin," he said. "The fingerprint for that is mercury."

Stop injecting harm into your children.Stop injecting harm into your children.

Chairman Kennedy and actor Robert De Niro, a contributor of the WMP, are so confident that thimerosal is nothing short of dangerous that they offered $100,000 to any journalist who could provide a successful peer-reviewed studying proving that injecting mercury into human beings is safe.

Countless studies, according to Traceamounts.com have connected thimerosal to cases of Alzheimer's disease, autism, attention deficit disorder, asthma, arthritis, premature puberty, infertility and cancers. Many vaccines also contain aluminum which is a neurotoxin, especially when injected. Aluminum may also be contributing to dementia and autism.

But did you know that the vaccine industry makes an astounding $30 billion every year? That means that the "health experts" will likely continue to prescribe vaccinations as long as they continue to profit from them. Unfortunately, these "experts" have been programmed by the world's system and think they're doing the right thing. However, they're costing millions of people their health, and in some cases, their lives.

How Hallelujah Acres Can Help
Many people aren't aware of the body's ability to self-heal, hence why they've been utilizing vaccines to nurse themselves back to health. As long as you're following a proper diet, you won't have to worry about relying on harmful, mercury-infested vaccines that can supposedly "help."

"When we eat the way God intended, our immune systems stay strong and function the way they were designed to!" Rev. Malkmus wrote. "And we just plain don't get sick anymore."

It's time to fuel your body the way He expected you to. Join us on the path to better health today.

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