Memory slipping? Forget junk food!

Memory slipping? Forget junk food!

Dementia and strokes are now on the list of "elderly" diseases creeping up on younger adults — and the cause, say researchers, is junk food! Researchers from the Heart and Stroke Foundation Centre for Stroke Recovery in Canada presented their findings at the Canadian Stroke Congress on Monday. Dr. Dale Corbett, the study's leader, said, "I think we'll soon start to see people in their 30s or 40s having strokes, having dementia, because of this junk food diet. Young people will have major, major problems much earlier in life." The diet in question is what Dr. Corbett calls a "cafeteria diet" of high sugar, high sodium, high calorie foods — cookies, sausage, cupcakes, etc. The resulting symptoms of eating junk food, researchers found, were the same as metabolic syndrome, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity. Dr. Mark Bayley, Co-Chair of the Canadian Stroke Congress and Medical Director of the Neurological Rehabilitation Program at Toronto Rehab put it brilliantly when he said, "We cannot afford to continue making poor nutritional choices. Our diet is killing us." We're glad somebody's finally saying it, and we completely agree. However, we don't agree with the statement from the study researchers who say that they "don't know if metabolic syndrome can be reversed." The human body is a miraculous, self-healing wonder that can reverse almost any disease provided that it hasn't been damaged to extremes by immune-suppressing medical treatments. In fact, we've seen hundreds of ailments disappear when "cafeteria diet" junk foods are eliminated and replaced with the immune boosting power of raw, living foods! Dr. Dan E. Chusnut, M.D. says it best: "The truth is this: 'Food matters.' Wrong foods sicken! Right foods heal!" Do you know someone who has healed themselves with diet? Comment below!

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