Medical Doctors Praise The Hallelujah Diet

Medical Doctors Praise The Hallelujah Diet

This week's testimonies share how medical doctors are turning to The Hallelujah Diet and sharing the truth with their patients!
I find it so encouraging when medical doctors promote and support the health message we proclaim here at Hallelujah Acres. We have 65 medical doctors who have been through our Health Minister Training program. It is also exciting to learn of other medical doctors who, though they have not been through our training, are proclaiming the same message.
“Thank you for following the leading of the Holy Spirit in starting Hallelujah Acres! I have been using and distributing Hallelujah Acres materials for 15 years. I am a Hallelujah Acres trained Health Minister. I am also a doctor and my area of expertise is orthomolecular nutrition and psychiatry. I am also a Health Missionary and travel across my country (Jamaica), the Caribbean and the world, doing training seminars on using God's Word and principles to heal every physical, psychological, and spiritual illness. Because I am called specifically to the inner-city dwellers and those physically, mentally, and financially challenged I have to find local whole local foods that can do what each Hallelujah Acres product does. Thanks for your ministry.” Dr. Sherrill C., Jamaica
“George, you are doing a great job. Your first-Saturday-of-the-month ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’ seminars there in Shelby are wonderful. I am a physician, retired after 43 years practicing medicine in North Carolina and now sharing the good news of The Hallelujah Diet with all who want to obtain health. I find it so sad that the American Medical Association, the American Cancer Society, hospitals and big-pharma are more interested in money and profit than telling folks the ‘truth’ about health. Keep up the good work my brother!” Dr. Bob C., North Carolina
“Enjoyed so much you sharing your personal testimony of healing from cancer! Thank you for sharing your courageous story. What an inspiration you are! And what a pleasure it was to meet you, your lovely wife and your incredible staff this past weekend at the first Saturday seminar in Shelby, NC. I want to come back again and again to bring as many as I can to hear the message! I have just been diagnosed with cancer (malignant melanoma stage 3) and I have just lost my mother to cancer (glioblastoma) Christmas of 2010. My precious mother also took the surgery, radiation, and chemo route. She did exceptionally well for months beyond what the doctors expected, but ultimately she went to her Eternal Home after a two year struggle and I miss her dearly. But I am not ready to join her....not yet. I watched mother suffer from the consequences of receiving medical treatments, knowing there was absolutely nothing I could do but pray and love her unconditionally. After watching her slowly fade, I do not wish to take the same route she took. I have just begun this journey on The Hallelujah Diet and know there is a world of change that awaits me, but with Jesus walking beside me every step of the way I believe that by choosing God's design for my body, vs the 'Sad American Diet' and the 'world's way of medicine' I will also bring forth a testimony all for the glory of God! In His Glorious Name” L. B., South Carolina
"Thank you for this testimony, George. I learned about your ministry from Marilyn and Doug Polk and have been reading information from your website. I live in east Tennessee and plan on attending your seminar on Feb 4. I'm looking forward to it!" Ann M., Tennessee
“I was cured of a malignant cancer in my parotid salivary gland on The Hallelujah Diet. I told my Jewish doctor that part of my recovery was the elimination of all meat from my diet. When I went back to this doctor a year later he said he had stopped eating meat shortly after I had talked to him and he confirmed that he was feeling better himself since eliminating meat from his diet. I praise God for brother Roloff and for you, Dr. George. What a testimony! I still encourage everyone to check out your website for themselves.” J. C.
Our next “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminar at Hallelujah Acres International Headquarters in Shelby, North Carolina, is scheduled for February 4, 2012. This will be an exceptionally exciting seminar because it will also be the day Hallelujah Acres will celebrate its 20th Anniversary. In addition to the seminar, many special things are planned for that day including a healthy birthday cake to be enjoyed by all who attend the seminar that day. Y’all come!

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