Massive Response: Should George Retire?

Massive Response: Should George Retire?

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Last week, the question was asked “Should George Retire? What Do You Think?” The response was overwhelming! Over 250 people responded and the vast majority of the responses were that I should not retire at the age of 80. I share a few of those responses appear below...
“Brother George, Your message to a sick and dying world is so very important because you not only stress the point of eating right, but you also stress that God needs to be involved in our everyday lives as well. What a tremendous blessing you are to mankind. You and dear Rhonda are truly sent by the Lord to a "sin sick" and physical sick world with the message eat right and live right if you want to be healthy and have a life that is pleasing to the Lord. I am on your diet and travel worldwide in the Bible ministry. We live as Hudson Taylor (missionary to China) lived, in that we do not ask for funds from anyone, rather we pray in every penny. God bless you and keep you and Rhonda in His loving care.” ~ Professor George W., China
“Dear George, You must do what you feel and know is right. We would miss your weekly Health Tips and your awesome words of encouragement. We want you to go on forever – at least until the Lord returns to take us all home. Personally, I feel so long as you can and feel strong, keep on keeping on. But only you know what is best for you and Rhonda. Praise the Father, He will direct your path right thru till your earthly life is over. Thank you so much for your faithfulness to us, even to those followers down here in New Zealand.” ~ Graeme C., New Zealand
“No, no, no – please don’t retire! I can’t tell you how wonderful your Health Tips are and how they encourage me. They are so friendly that you make us feel like family. What does Rhonda say? As long as she is willing to allow you to be active in the ministry I beg you to continue. If you must, slow down on your travels and speaking engagements, but please don’t stop your Health Tips. If you must, then go to a Health Tip every other week, but I love getting them every week. We live in Minnesota and have not been able to travel to one of your seminars as yet, but it is still one of our dreams to see you in person!” ~ Anne E., Minnesota, USA
“Dear Rev. Malkmus, First of all, an early Happy 80th Birthday to you! I am grateful to God that your health and vitality are such that they give praise and credence to God’s Original Genesis 1:29 plan of eating. It is obvious that you radiate vibrant health along with your wife Rhoda. “Your Health Tips are very helpful to me. Your website is by far the most extensive vegan website I have found in the years I have been searching. It is so informative with its blogs, articles, videos, recipes, testimonies, and especially challenges. The most amazing and appreciated thing is that it is FREE. Thank you so much for pursuing the vision the Lord has given you. “The vital element in presenting the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle is the difference it makes in a person’s overall health – not just when they are young – but also as we grow older. Getting into the eighth decade of one’s life disease free, with abundant energy and vision, and minus aches and pains that plague most people your age if they are still alive, is crucial evidence that God’s Way is the wise choice. To retire now (even though you have certainly earned it and you could not be blamed if you did) might diminish your testimony. “Remember too God calling Moses up to the mountaintop – his strength did not abate him nor was his vision dimmed. He lived out God’s full purpose for his life. When God saw that his purpose was fulfilled, God retired him permanently from this world to God’s presence. “All the testimonies I read at inspire me. But seeing the health of a couple your ages who have lived the lifestyle for decades is my real inspiration. I want to see decades of evidence that God’s Original Diet plan makes a difference all of my life, and you and Rhonda have given me that example to eat a 100% plant-based diet without fear as to whether I am getting all my nutrients. To see someone your age with excellent vision, strong bones, abundant health and energy is my motivation. “If you want to cut back on your seminars to every-other month and keep your Health Tips weekly, then do so. But I would hate to see your testimony to the world gone completely. Of course the final decision is between you, Rhonda, and the Lord. Whatever your decision, I want you to know that I appreciate you and the work you have done. Your retirement will not change my commitment to a Hallelujah Diet or my efforts to help others obtain the ultimate health God designed for all His people. “Last words; You have convinced me that I am responsible for my health and have an obligation to our Lord to treat my body, the temple of the Holy Spirit, as a holy vessel, fit for the Masters use. ~ Ginnie S.

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