Make A New Year's "Revolution"

We all know that new year’s resolutions usually don’t work. Why? Because most resolutions don’t involve your whole being. You’re trying to change one aspect of your life without creating the framework to accomplish your “resolution.” What you really need instead is a new year’s “revolution.” A “forcible overthrow” as the dictionary defines it. Just like a political revolution, a personal revolution requires a forcible overthrow of the “government” — and in terms of health, the government is your diet. Your diet “governs” your health because what you eat is the fuel for everything you do in life. Good choices can help you accomplish anything, while poor choices can sabotage everything (including new year’s resolutions). Now we’re not just talking about resolutions to lose weight, here. A dietary revolution can help you accomplish any goal, whether physical, emotional, or even spiritual. A diet rich in living, nutrient-dense plant foods like The Hallelujah Diet improves your whole being, from digestion and immune function to muscle strength, endurance, energy, mood, and even mental function. Change your diet and you can accomplish (and overcome) virtually anything! So before you make a new year’s resolution, plan a revolution — a forcible overthrow of your diet. What will your "revolution" be this year?

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