Luminology:  Natural Menopause Relief

Luminology: Natural Menopause Relief

Creating the Luminology support product is one of the best things that we have ever done. I have traveled throughout the world, and I have noticed one common theme from women on all continents: they want to understand how to deal with symptoms of menopause. During menopause, women notice that their life has changed, but not necessarily for the better.

The Solution: Luminology

After many years of testing, we have discovered a way for you to find relief from menopause symptoms. It is possible for you to sleep, instead of sweat! Your family doesn't need to worry about saying the wrong thing that will set you off. You can awake in the morning and see the sun in the day, instead of feeling like you are living in the gloomy clouds. How did we find this solution? We are blessed to have a PhD scientist from Cornell University on our staff, and this scientist feels as strongly as I do that it is important for women to have support during menopause. We also have a member of our staff who is a seasoned, traditional naturopathic doctor with an exceptional knowledge base. Our team has worked together to identify the physiological needs that a women would have during menopause. High quality ingredients are sourced from around the world, and these ingredients are tested, synergistic, and effective.

Other Menopause Options

You will find other options, such as traditional hormone replacement therapy. But we feel strongly that this type of therapy shouldn't be used. Women's Health Initiative was a large study which looked at the health of women over a period of twenty years, and they found that artificial hormones can cause serious and severe side effects. Those side effects included cancer, blood clots, heart disease, and stroke. However, there are bio-identical hormones which seem to be safer, and they have been shown to be effective. The problem is that they can be quite expensive, and it is still necessary to use regular hormone testing in order to ensure that your hormones remain balanced. Even though they seem to be a safer option, there is still a risk associated with using bio-identical hormones.

Safest Menopause Treatment

If you are looking for the safest menopause treatment, then the best approach is to follow a clean, healthy diet, have moderate exercise, and supplement with a product that supports your hormones. This approach allows you to age gracefully during the naturally occurring season of menopause. There is so much knowledge available about menopause... does it really make sense to take a chance by risking your health to take synthetic hormones? Do you have the money to spend on expensive natural hormones? If neither of these options work for you, then you should consider a third option: Luminology. Combine the Luminology supplements with a simple diet change and a little exercise, and you will experience life-changing results. Learn more about Luminology, and experience the menopause relief that you are looking for!

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